Time of Terror Remix Event
Wed, Dec 3 3:07 PM Help :: trackback not showing up?
sorry to barge into the thread, but there's an interesting survey about the mean...
Wed, Nov 26 11:20 AM DIY :: Melodyne plugin or cre8?
yes, it is important to understand, that even in the VST, Melodyne is NOT realti...
Tue, Nov 25 12:23 AM Features :: New "News" Feature
wow - you're just pumping out the goodness!
Sun, Nov 16 11:46 AM Help :: What happened to the Collab function?
I must have missed somethingthe explanation is here
Sat, Nov 15 11:12 PM Bugs :: Manage files shows me files thatare not my own
I'm not sure if you can actually edit other people's stuff - at least I couldn't...
Sat, Nov 15 4:01 PM Features :: New Feature: "Remix Me!"
wunderbar! thanks for fixing that so quickly - works like a charm now!
Sat, Nov 15 1:39 PM Features :: New Feature: "Remix Me!"
I just noticed another thing: on a regular page (for example at the end of the i...
Sat, Nov 15 1:29 PM Features :: New Feature: "Remix Me!"
I'm not sure if it's a bug in the Javascript, a client side configuration issue ...
Sat, Nov 15 10:33 AM Features :: New Feature: "Remix Me!"
very cool new feature!
Fri, Nov 7 9:58 AM Features :: Permission to Kill (a Feature)?
and this time it was not my fault ;-)
Thu, Nov 6 3:31 PM Features :: Permission to Kill (a Feature)?
yeah I think you're right. The collaboration thing never quite took off for me e...
Wed, Nov 5 1:29 PM The Big OT :: distracted...
not that much ;-) [NSFW]
Tue, Nov 4 12:55 PM The Big OT :: Hardware
make sure you install Windows before Linux, because Linux will respect your Wind...
Tue, Nov 4 9:18 AM The Big OT :: Hardware
but how would you interface that to one of these?
Mon, Nov 3 2:47 PM The Big OT :: Hardware
Sorry, I should have explicitly mentioned that: The XP Pro edition will allow a ...