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Reviews left by spinmeister

Tue, Oct 6 1:14 PM spinmeister review of Vertschüss Dich! by rocavaco
This is cool and a lot of fun! I just love the string section chords in the chor...
Tue, Oct 6 1:03 PM spinmeister review of Pulling G's by panu
Sorry to be so late bumping into this total gem of a remix. Fortunately it recei...
Tue, Oct 6 11:47 AM spinmeister review of Get It On by texasradiofish
Ambitiously conceived mashing of genres and stems brilliantly executed!
Mon, Oct 5 9:42 AM spinmeister review of Tell me again by Bluemillenium
I like how the song moves through very different phases - a very good idea!
Sun, Aug 16 9:35 PM spinmeister review of Bound By One by Loveshadow
damn - this is spine chilling! A best-of-both-worlds blend of high tech and orga...
Thu, Jul 23 11:51 PM spinmeister review of A Motherless Child by texasradiofish
mesmerizing & brilliant!
Thu, Jul 23 8:31 PM spinmeister review of Song Title Indicates Meaning by jaspertine
lol - with my latest remix I probably appear guilty as charged - and no offense ...
Thu, Jul 16 1:32 PM spinmeister review of What Kind Of Man? by RustyJack
quite an entrance I'd say!
Sat, Jul 4 6:44 PM spinmeister review of Robbero Session E by Speck
wow - this has one of the longest and craziest remix histories I've seen todate!...
Fri, Jul 3 10:35 PM spinmeister review of one minute osaka sample by gurdonark
better late then never: :-)
Tue, Jun 30 2:55 PM spinmeister review of Daisy Bell (They'll Soon Decide, If We Can Ride) by Kara Square
omnia vincit amor!
Fri, May 8 4:28 PM spinmeister review of Lost by Snowflake
whoa! Outstanding songwriting and vocal delivery. p.s. I'm hearing much more Emi...
Thu, Apr 2 4:37 PM spinmeister review of Wayfaring Stranger by copperhead
How did I miss this before? Is a late comment still better than none? Great tak...
Mon, Mar 9 1:52 PM spinmeister review of A Motherless Child by Snowflake
outstanding - one of your very finest!
Sat, Jan 31 12:18 PM spinmeister review of Melt Away by raja_ffm
Das ist echt sehr gut! Ich mag besonders die Background-vox Effekte und die Gita...