Shifting Sun Playlist

Reviews left by spinmeister

Sun, Nov 16 8:40 PM spinmeister review of Unmasked by Scomber
This is fabulous! Didn't know you had so much jazz in your soul! Great piano and...
Sun, Nov 16 8:35 PM spinmeister review of Velvet Green of Mystery by Doxent Zsigmond
Feels like a trip though a mysterious and magical place. A great sonic painting!
Sun, Nov 16 1:01 PM spinmeister review of Gaslighting by State Shirt
Just wow! Epic! I love how you've wrangled rather different pieces of the raw m...
Sun, Oct 26 9:02 PM spinmeister review of The Language of Badabing Badaboom by SackJo22
Whoa - you've just put a triple dose of fun into your music. Hope there's a lot...
Sun, Oct 26 8:55 PM spinmeister review of Badabing Badaboom by texasradiofish
This is about the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Love it!
Fri, Oct 24 4:16 PM spinmeister review of All of the World ft. Snowflake VS Reiswerk by reiswerk
a charming dance!
Fri, Oct 24 4:10 PM spinmeister review of Piano Song For Goodnight by Doxent Zsigmond
really nice dreamy chord progression and playing - great idea to include midi fi...
Wed, Oct 22 7:44 PM spinmeister review of Autumn Returns by essesq
And essesq, now comet-like burns in the sky as she travels, returning to ccM som...
Fri, Oct 3 10:51 AM spinmeister review of Apologize by Scott Altham
whoa - total iPod bait! Tight and spacious, relaxed and grooving. Just the way I...
Mon, Sep 29 12:18 AM spinmeister review of Living in Harmony by Patronski
I always thought "making beautiful music together" was just an overused pick-up ...
Fri, Sep 26 7:53 PM spinmeister review of Hand Me Down Easy by wrenchbiscuit
wow - what a great song, arrangement, production, vocal and guitar performances...
Fri, Sep 26 7:39 PM spinmeister review of Take me Home by Rewob
tasty guitar work!
Fri, Sep 26 5:29 PM spinmeister review of The Naked City episode 2014: The Gig by texasradiofish
Absolutely fabulous idea and execution!
Tue, Sep 23 10:09 PM spinmeister review of Ressurection by Shelflife
The evolving vibe drew me in with every passing bar and got totally hooked with ...
Mon, Sep 22 10:32 PM spinmeister review of Pathways of the Mind by raja_ffm
Great chord progression and arrangement - love the low bass!