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Reviews left by Speck

Sat, Jan 5 4:26 AM Speck review of Blues Harp by Stefan Kartenberg
Great rockin' blues track. Thanks for sharing, very much enjoyed.
Sat, Jan 5 4:16 AM Speck review of The Betty┬┤s trip (deeplastik vs Dj Paris mix) by Deeplastik
Thanks for choosing that sample to play with. I like how you've enhanced the gra...
Thu, Jan 3 4:14 AM Speck review of Things I Love, Things I Hate by SoboSystem
I love the music (and wish it was louder). I hate (not really hate but I'm st...
Wed, Jan 2 8:29 AM Speck review of Don't Turn Around (Instrumental) by Ivan Chew
Thanks for sharing these.
Wed, Jan 2 8:29 AM Speck review of Don't Turn Around by Ivan Chew
Nicely done. Cool synth stuff.
Mon, Dec 31 4:02 AM Speck review of 2019 by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice one, well rocked.
Sat, Dec 29 4:53 AM Speck review of Dream on me by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautifully done.
Mon, Dec 24 4:56 AM Speck review of Snowcore 170 by Apoxode
It's not just a song, it's an adventure. Yeep!
Sun, Dec 23 4:24 AM Speck review of Last year by Stefan Kartenberg
So very good. And inspiring.
Thu, Dec 20 4:37 AM Speck review of Ana's Procrastination by septahelix
Very nice. Smooth progression and full sound.
Tue, Dec 18 4:30 AM Speck review of BWSAIWABTS by duckett
I like this very much. A lot of samples well under control and still loose and f...
Mon, Dec 17 10:25 AM Speck review of Come Sing Along by SackJo22
Bummer about the way it came to be but very much diggin' the way it came out. I ...
Sun, Dec 16 10:51 AM Speck review of Hippy Christmas by septahelix
Nice mood and movement. Much enjoyed.
Sun, Dec 16 10:36 AM Speck review of Symphony for The Christmas Star by Loveshadow
Sun, Dec 16 6:51 AM Speck review of Long Live Water by musicbrain
Play button is ineffective. You have to upload the mp3 first.