Temperate Transitions Secret Mixter

Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Jun 28 6:15 AM Speck review of Static Attraction (It's Shocking!) by rustyjam
High energy fun, very well done. Straightforward power pop at it's best!
Wed, Jun 24 1:51 PM Speck review of Carry On, Carry On Country Rock Mix by unreal_dm
Sounds real. Nice and clean. An excellent offering. 7 billion people. I heard ju...
Tue, Jun 23 2:53 PM Speck review of TransmissionsFromEarth by ghosts4hire
A really excellent example of musique concrète. A powerful sound structure. Wel...
Sun, Jun 21 6:16 PM Speck review of ophelias song by raja_ffm
Top quality sound here. Good job mating the rather lazy (in a good way) vocals w...
Sun, Jun 21 5:58 PM Speck review of Images by Painfulcompanion
Nice one. Very graceful in it's forward motion. Nice choice of vocals too.
Fri, Jun 19 2:44 PM Speck review of Dream of Flight RmX by Manolo Camp
The pads do well introducing and supporting the lyric theme. The beats provide a...
Fri, Jun 19 2:31 PM Speck review of Corinna Corrina - The Parlour Blues Ensemble Mix by unreal_dm
Nice clean, deep mix. You did a great job of putting these vocals in a relaxed s...
Wed, Jun 17 2:48 PM Speck review of black and white (dogmix) by oldDog
The purity of song, beautiful words beautifully sung, a clear arrangement, pure ...
Wed, Jun 17 4:09 AM Speck review of No Comfort in the Garden by Fireproof_Babies
Excellent words well spoken. Easily conjures up a feeling, a day, a shared memo...
Wed, Jun 17 3:52 AM Speck review of What was the Sky like when YOU were young ? by Sturzstrom
Excellent mood. Languid. Nice use of the vocals. Cool and uncomplicated.
Mon, Jun 15 9:47 AM Speck review of Purple Pond by ghosts4hire
I was going to say this is quite pleasing but it's more than that. It's quite be...
Sat, Jun 13 6:45 AM Speck review of Art Preservation by PorchCat
Music like this is one way of aiding the 'words fail' scenario. Captivating.
Sat, Jun 13 6:37 AM Speck review of Siren Song by DoKashiteru
Nice, clean, spacious beauty. A clear channel between player and singer and list...
Thu, Jun 11 11:59 AM Speck review of the quarter lost by mutagene
This is so very fine! Please stay.
Thu, Jun 11 5:41 AM Speck review of Take out the trash by Ismail-M
Nice precise arrangement. Sounds like a lost Harry Nilsson track.