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Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Dec 16 10:36 AM Speck review of Symphony for The Christmas Star by Loveshadow
Sun, Dec 16 6:51 AM Speck review of Long Live Water by musicbrain
Play button is ineffective. You have to upload the mp3 first.
Sun, Dec 16 6:44 AM Speck review of midwinter by airtone
Sun, Dec 16 6:33 AM Speck review of Top of the Mountain by Kara Square
Perfect way to honor/feature Mr_Yesterday's vocal. Just right.
Sun, Dec 16 6:22 AM Speck review of The Photo by Radioontheshelf
This is fantastic. As in really great, not as in unbelievable. It's that same to...
Sun, Dec 16 6:09 AM Speck review of Between You and Me by Scomber
Always good to get a different perspective. Especially such an irie one as this.
Sun, Dec 16 5:48 AM Speck review of Xmas Time II by onlymeith
Wow, you've really enhanced Ingemann's theme. Sounds great, so festive and clean...
Sun, Dec 16 5:37 AM Speck review of Little reindeer by Stefan Kartenberg
You never cease to impress me with your musical skills and your sensitivity to t...
Sun, Dec 16 5:33 AM Speck review of Black Ice by Mr_Yesterday
Very cool jazzy saxy music for slippin' and slidin'. Well done (and thanks for i...
Sun, Dec 16 5:28 AM Speck review of Xena's Kiss / Medea's Kiss by mwic
Nice. Yan Terrien's piano loops samples are some of my favorite recent uploads a...
Sun, Dec 16 5:22 AM Speck review of Little Garden of Snow by Apoxode
Nice crisp winter/holiday sound and spirit. Well done.
Sun, Dec 16 5:07 AM Speck review of Siobhan by Admiral Bob
Great collaboration, well played, soulful.
Sun, Dec 16 4:42 AM Speck review of Victorian Sand by Apoxode
Very nice mix. Clean and cool. Great vocals for it. (I was also working/playin...
Sat, Dec 15 4:08 AM Speck review of Breathe the Green Air by Apoxode
Really excellent chill track with a nice balance of movement and constancy. I li...
Thu, Dec 13 4:17 AM Speck review of Jaywalker by Apoxode
A perfect gathering, really well done. So clean and cohesive.