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Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Nov 11 4:28 AM Speck review of Do_You_Ever_instrumental by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for sharing this instrumentally. I think I'll use it for my end-of-year s...
Sun, Nov 11 4:03 AM Speck review of Archtrash Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Cool and classy.
Sat, Nov 10 4:22 AM Speck review of 1914 - 18 by Radioontheshelf
Though I object to the notion that there is anything noble or romantic about war...
Sat, Nov 10 4:05 AM Speck review of Do You Ever? by Stefan Kartenberg
Wonderful natural sound and feel. So well done.
Tue, Nov 6 3:28 AM Speck review of The Vendetta by Stefan Kartenberg
Well developed, well swung. Very cool, nicely done.
Tue, Nov 6 3:18 AM Speck review of Thou Shalt Not Kill (rendez vos armes) by Franck Mouzon
Tue, Nov 6 3:09 AM Speck review of 0815 by Stefan Kartenberg
For some reason this doesn't play but rather downloads as an .m3u instead.
Mon, Nov 5 4:51 AM Speck review of How to Hypertron 240 by Apoxode
Sparkly multi-faceted fun. Excellent.
Mon, Nov 5 4:37 AM Speck review of mixing itb by panu
Good fun. Kind of a mixers version of the Beach Boys 409.
Sat, Nov 3 4:58 AM Speck review of Sunshine by Zep Hurme
Sat, Nov 3 4:45 AM Speck review of Mean Crunch by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Powerful, cool and gritty funk.
Fri, Nov 2 5:23 AM Speck review of The Blender Volume Two by Apoxode
I must admit I prefer the more focused version three.
Fri, Nov 2 4:58 AM Speck review of Gabbagab by fluffy
Bright, catchy and fun. Well done.
Fri, Nov 2 4:54 AM Speck review of Taken by angels by Bluemillenium
Nice, expansive and comforting sound and feel.
Thu, Nov 1 4:19 AM Speck review of Yes Yes Yes by Stefan Kartenberg
Very cool collaboration. Much enjoyed.