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Reviews left by Speck

Fri, May 15 2:41 AM Speck review of Sleep Lightly by DreamMachine
Nice mix. Perhaps you could tell us in the description how you see it as related...
Fri, May 15 2:37 AM Speck review of Chances by Radioontheshelf
It's a mournful downer, but a really well done downer and probably accurately de...
Thu, May 14 2:49 AM Speck review of Blindly Love by dotjot
Nice clean pop with a message.
Wed, May 13 3:37 AM Speck review of Sunset Shadows by DreamMachine
How is this related to the Catalyst Remix Event?
Wed, May 13 3:34 AM Speck review of Hope is a Choice (pell) by Snowflake
Yep. The Red Breasted House Finches that nest on our side porch every spring hav...
Mon, May 11 3:30 AM Speck review of Find the Light by Apoxode
Music to stay calm to. Perfect. Dig what you did with the vocal.
Sat, May 9 3:21 AM Speck review of secret egypt by T_3
Cool. Lots of unexpectedness.
Fri, May 8 2:53 AM Speck review of Lockdown by mykleanthony
Clean clean clean clean.
Fri, May 8 2:41 AM Speck review of The Catalyst of Change by Whitewolf
Cool instrumentation. Nice changes/transitions/arrangement. An excellent settin...
Fri, May 8 2:33 AM Speck review of All-Fifths Chill by Javolenus
Such a warm and lovely sound.
Thu, May 7 2:35 AM Speck review of Take It Down by Apoxode
Slinky cool. Nice voice fx.
Wed, May 6 10:29 AM Speck review of Stayin @ Home - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Fantastic! Whether dancin' at home or walkin' on the sun.
Wed, May 6 2:49 AM Speck review of So hot by reiswerk
So cool. Great sound and mood. Appealing instrumentation too (thanks for the sa...
Wed, May 6 2:45 AM Speck review of please mister president by Stefan Kartenberg
Nicely swung, thank you.
Tue, May 5 3:18 AM Speck review of Now Understand This (IsoDance Remix) by Joel Frijters
I originally had spoken word samples in the mix but was not 100% certain they we...