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Reviews left by Speck

Mon, Jun 24 12:07 PM Speck review of What It Means by Apoxode
Lovin' the pace and the space and the clarity of sound. Excellent mix.
Mon, Jun 24 12:00 PM Speck review of Hurricane by Stefan Kartenberg
Great mix. Well composed. Generous sample share too.
Sat, Jun 22 3:43 AM Speck review of Cosmic Peace by Apoxode
Sweet (ebb and) flow. Much enjoyed.
Fri, Jun 21 2:58 AM Speck review of Magicy World by KhalafNasirs
Fri, Jun 21 2:53 AM Speck review of Universal Rhythm (ft. spinningmerkaba and Scomber) by Apoxode
This is so far above any natural internal rhythm I could ever want to experience...
Fri, Jun 21 2:39 AM Speck review of Distant Lands by Zep Hurme
Perfect genre choice for the vocals. Well done.
Wed, Jun 19 2:55 AM Speck review of ccMixter Intensity by texasradiofish
Very nice refunking.
Mon, Jun 17 2:53 AM Speck review of Glxtch Wxrld by Apoxode
A mesmerizing experiment.
Wed, Jun 12 2:37 AM Speck review of Focus on Love by Jeris
Perfect supportive accompaniment for Kara's wonderful offering. Expertly accompl...
Tue, Jun 11 1:46 PM Speck review of Focus on Love by Kara Square
I may leave the impression (if you go by some of the songs I've uploaded) that I...
Sat, Jun 8 1:55 AM Speck review of Drowning In The Cuervo River by texasradiofish
A well spirited bit of country boogie. Sounds and feels great.
Sat, Jun 8 1:43 AM Speck review of Alien Jungle by Apoxode
That's a very relaxing minute of sound. Nice creation.
Fri, Jun 7 3:10 AM Speck review of Spequid Sky (Margaret v. Jimmy Mix) by duckett
Cool. Sounds like you put it through a deep space filter.
Fri, Jun 7 3:00 AM Speck review of Second Career by Apoxode
Never a dull moment.
Wed, Jun 5 2:48 AM Speck review of Crystal Cave by Apoxode
Great sounds and very cool groove.