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Reviews left by Speck

Mon, May 25 5:12 AM Speck review of Here We Are Again by Vidian
Mellow electro goodness.
Mon, May 25 5:06 AM Speck review of In My Head 140 by Apoxode
Consider it kicked. Nice tight build. Great energy. And I like that you left ...
Mon, May 25 3:41 AM Speck review of Retro piano jive (70s) F sharp 124bpm by Clacksberg77
A piano track is a sample, a drum track is a sample, together they are a mix. Pl...
Mon, May 25 3:39 AM Speck review of Possibility by Kara Square
Right on (or whatever the modern equivalent of that antiquated phrase is).
Mon, May 25 3:32 AM Speck review of NINJAM session 2020.04.30 - Part One by bangcorrupt
Very cool. These sessions deserve more attention. (They also make me wish I coul...
Fri, May 22 3:22 AM Speck review of Now understand this (sparky remix) by sparky
Don't usually hear spoken word in a rock setting. It works though. Well done.
Fri, May 22 3:18 AM Speck review of Blasting Holes In The Atmosphere by Subliminal
Nice build, it goes. Great energy, great message.
Thu, May 21 3:18 AM Speck review of Parking Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
This feels sooo good. I'd like it to be the soundtrack for the rest of my day(s?...
Thu, May 21 3:04 AM Speck review of The Tattooed Circus by Radioontheshelf
Mighty fine.
Tue, May 19 2:21 AM Speck review of ai_no_covida by greg_baumont
Strong sample. Thanks for sharing.
Mon, May 18 7:19 AM Speck review of Choice by Admiral Bob
Very nice. That funky backing really brings out the hope.
Mon, May 18 5:12 AM Speck review of The Breakdown Of The Bandleaders Marriage by Radioontheshelf
Nice. I like the instrument choices and the composition leaves room for the well...
Mon, May 18 2:43 AM Speck review of New Walk Groove by Javolenus
I find this soothing.
Sat, May 16 7:51 AM Speck review of Stay Calm, Lockdown, Wash Your Hands by texasradiofish
Cool, clean and effective. (Excuse me while I go wash my hands.)
Sat, May 16 3:40 AM Speck review of Stay Calm & Let Me Live Long Enough by Whitewolf
So interesting to hear three previously unrelated vocals relate so well to the s...