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Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Sep 13 6:58 AM Speck review of Piece Of The Moon (Devil and Angel) by Siobhan Dakay
A rousing, jazzy backing that's a perfect energy match for Scomber's vocals. Nic...
Sun, Sep 13 6:50 AM Speck review of Stay Calm by Loveshadow
Motown 2020. Beautiful.
Sun, Sep 13 6:37 AM Speck review of Empty House by Mana Junkie
Oh yeah, funky groove! Nice ins and outs. Flooows. The muted trumpet(?) bi...
Sun, Sep 13 6:30 AM Speck review of Warlock (High On Mana) by 7OOP3D
Damn, that's some strong sound!
Sun, Sep 13 6:24 AM Speck review of Firefly's Candy by Whitewolf
Alternate title 'funk prelude to the afternoon of a firefly'. I very much enjoy...
Sun, Sep 13 6:17 AM Speck review of adrift by airtone
You always impress me with your ability to imbue technical precision with human ...
Sun, Sep 13 5:59 AM Speck review of Firefly Memories by Rewob
Yes, a perfect soundtrack for wandering nostalgia.
Sun, Sep 13 5:48 AM Speck review of Dancing With The Fireflies by Radioontheshelf
I dig the unexpected (in music, not so much IRL) and this certainly is. Energe...
Sun, Sep 13 5:40 AM Speck review of Moonlight Out of the Sky by Down With Ben
Real nice instrumental interplay that plays nicely with the vocal interplay. Ve...
Sun, Sep 13 5:34 AM Speck review of Je ne peux pas le retenir by Bluemillenium
Funk it they said and funk it you did. I like the collective method you used h...
Sun, Sep 13 5:26 AM Speck review of Lightning Bug by Darkroom
Nice emo-with-a-beat mix. Perfect vocal selection. Well done.
Sun, Sep 13 5:21 AM Speck review of get looped xxx by panu
One does not ordinarily associate panu with "rhythmic synth groove" which made t...
Sun, Sep 13 5:14 AM Speck review of Fire Fly by Scomber
Sun, Sep 13 4:58 AM Speck review of Wanderer (Take 2) by Admiral Bob
Great sound, great jam. You can tell all the jammers know each other very well. ...
Sun, Sep 13 4:44 AM Speck review of That's All I Want To Do by spinningmerkaba
Yep, that's a darn fine song shaped song ya got there.