Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Apr 5 6:01 AM Speck review of Optical delusion (feat.urmymuse) by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Perfect. And perfectly on theme.
Sun, Apr 5 5:47 AM Speck review of An Abundance Of Riches / A Minor Threat (with Reiswerk) by Subliminal
Well chosen samples mixed to great effect. Super clean arrangement.
Sun, Apr 5 5:39 AM Speck review of Spinning Free by Mr_Yesterday
Very nice. Considered and adventurous. Great transitions and coherent 'twists an...
Sun, Apr 5 5:31 AM Speck review of The Invisible Enemy (feat. bangcorrupt) by Kraftamt
Excellent expansion of texbox. Well done.
Sun, Apr 5 5:22 AM Speck review of Coming Home by Snowflake
Oh man, I guess I should have prepared myself for this level of inspiration and ...
Sun, Apr 5 4:51 AM Speck review of Tyrell Corporation Sequence by Kraftamt
Great synth sweeps and overall arrangement/motion. Looks like some great samples...
Sun, Apr 5 4:43 AM Speck review of Sacred Paper by Apoxode
Great arrangement. Clean and cool.
Sun, Apr 5 4:36 AM Speck review of Numbers by Dysfunction_AL
An excellent inspirational backing for Kara's word's.
Sat, Apr 4 4:48 AM Speck review of Lockdown Charms by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
An excellent collaboration.
Wed, Apr 1 3:31 AM Speck review of Waiting for the Vaccine by Apoxode
Very cool.
Mon, Mar 30 6:10 AM Speck review of straight 12 by Stefan Kartenberg
I really appreciate all these great backing tracks you provide. Top quality alwa...
Mon, Mar 30 5:18 AM Speck review of Play That Game by Kraftamt
Great upbeat energy and a very fitting home for that Fluffy vocal.
Mon, Mar 30 5:03 AM Speck review of Blue Windows by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
A melancholy beauty.
Sat, Mar 28 7:51 AM Speck review of What? by texasradiofish
Very cool fusion. (And a nice stack o' wuts.)
Sat, Mar 28 7:45 AM Speck review of In Moving Light by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice mix of relaxed but still very much awake.