Reviews left by Speck

Tue, May 5 3:18 AM Speck review of Now Understand This (IsoDance Remix) by Joel Frijters
I originally had spoken word samples in the mix but was not 100% certain they we...
Sun, May 3 3:28 AM Speck review of Something Old Something New by Admiral Bob
Nice. Inspiring sound.
Sun, May 3 3:21 AM Speck review of It's the Sound by Apoxode
Another beauty. The term understated elegance comes to mind.
Sat, May 2 3:49 AM Speck review of Liberation by Kraftamt
Straight up power. Very liberating.
Sat, May 2 3:42 AM Speck review of Stand Tall by Stefan Kartenberg
Such a clean sound.
Sat, May 2 3:27 AM Speck review of Focus on love by T_3
Intrigue and excitement. Big sound and very creative vocals-focused composition....
Sat, May 2 3:19 AM Speck review of Hole In The Moon by Subliminal
Agreed, a very good setting. Thanks for using some of the house sounds.
Sat, May 2 3:06 AM Speck review of Ichikosucho by Javolenus
Appealing mood/feel, confident but chill. Great playing and sound quality.
Fri, May 1 2:45 AM Speck review of Lockdown Blooz by Javolenus
Diggin' the casual cool. Very nice.
Thu, Apr 30 3:20 AM Speck review of Everyone Has Gone Home by spinningmerkaba
Excellent sense of immediacy. Great sound and feel.
Mon, Apr 27 10:16 AM Speck review of Empty Airport, Empty Plane by Apoxode
Crisply lazy in a creative rainy day way. Diggin' the mellow.
Mon, Apr 27 3:24 AM Speck review of Et demain ? by Bluemillenium
Really well done. Perfectly supportive of the vocal.
Mon, Apr 27 3:17 AM Speck review of WhatChooLookinAt by Mr_Yesterday
The length gives it time for an natural blooming. I enjoyed it very much.
Sun, Apr 26 3:44 AM Speck review of From Far Away by Stefan Kartenberg
Great vocal find with an intense synth backing. Nicely done.
Sat, Apr 25 3:18 AM Speck review of Old Dog Tenor Sax by Radioontheshelf
Nice, thanks.