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Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Oct 4 3:23 AM Speck review of Remembrance by Darkroom
Very cool, reflective chill.
Sun, Oct 4 3:06 AM Speck review of Blue Window (LoFi Mix) by Robbero
Very nice.
Sun, Oct 4 3:02 AM Speck review of The Dreams Were by Mr_Yesterday
Fantastic! I love that it's a one take improvisational spoken word. (As are the...
Sat, Oct 3 5:58 AM Speck review of This Tree Guide by JoeBone
Diggin' this vocal. And it happens to be just what my current project (the wor...
Sat, Oct 3 5:14 AM Speck review of Ah Beh Ceh (Fiesta del alfabeto) by Down With Ben
Sat, Oct 3 2:26 AM Speck review of Stunned by the Light by Apoxode
Funky, chair dancer.
Sat, Oct 3 2:21 AM Speck review of Connections disconnect by Stefan Kartenberg
Perfect backing. Well done.
Fri, Oct 2 3:26 AM Speck review of Painting Trees by JohnBozi
Fri, Oct 2 3:23 AM Speck review of Erdaniz by MalreDeszik
SEPARATE THE STEMS! I'm quite looking forward to the day you figure out how t...
Fri, Oct 2 3:22 AM Speck review of There is a Sound by Apoxode
I don't know if you've made changes since Darkroom's comment but for what it's w...
Fri, Oct 2 3:05 AM Speck review of 8:46 by reiswerk
Perfect backing to support the urgency of the message.
Thu, Oct 1 3:08 AM Speck review of Peaceful Lifeforms by Apoxode
Modern classic. Infectious energy.
Wed, Sep 30 2:00 AM Speck review of Connections Disconnect demo by Robert Warrington
Very nicely done. Ever the thoughtful one. (Any chance you can separate the ...
Wed, Sep 30 1:53 AM Speck review of Haunted Resonance by maplesnow
A beautiful way to start the day. And thanks for the samples.
Tue, Sep 29 1:58 AM Speck review of Twelve-string Improv by Javolenus
Pure listening pleasure.