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Reviews left by Speck

Thu, Jan 21 2:04 AM Speck review of Somewhere Something by Scomber
An excellent expression of hope, that rocks, electroly.
Thu, Jan 21 1:55 AM Speck review of Gotta Go- No more Lying Remix by J.Lang
Nice. Very.
Thu, Jan 21 1:47 AM Speck review of Gotta Go by raja_ffm
Fantastic! And somewhat reminiscent of a Morcheeba track. Great mix.
Tue, Jan 19 6:12 AM Speck review of I'm Just Tired by Stefan Kartenberg
Perfect. You're so good at doing it just right.
Tue, Jan 19 2:28 AM Speck review of Guarded Optimism by Apoxode
Nice one. Diggin' that bass sound.
Tue, Jan 19 2:19 AM Speck review of The Past Attacked by Kara Square
Fantastic! Perfect words perfectly placed.
Tue, Jan 19 2:12 AM Speck review of Galactic Raga by Darkroom
Beautiful, totally engaging. And thanks for sharing the piano stem.
Tue, Jan 19 2:06 AM Speck review of We Do Not Have to Live Through the Eyes of Phantoms Anymore Reprise (Vo1k1 Binaural Samples) by vo1k1
A gorgeous mix of sound. Very much enjoyed.
Mon, Jan 18 2:43 AM Speck review of Waiting Drum Track by Apoxode
Hmm... I wonder how this would work with Stefan's Orbi. I think I'll try it and ...
Mon, Jan 18 2:38 AM Speck review of Orbi by Stefan Kartenberg
Sun, Jan 17 2:37 AM Speck review of Blessings by reiswerk
Very nice infusion of positivity.
Sat, Jan 16 2:59 AM Speck review of Counting down by sparky
Very nice mix. And a great sample share. (Why does it have an acappella tag?...
Fri, Jan 15 3:03 AM Speck review of Vierklangsdimensionen by Stefan Kartenberg
Wonderful piece. Gorgeous and emotive.
Wed, Jan 13 3:29 AM Speck review of Hope by Kraftamt
That's a beautiful four and a half minute meditation.
Wed, Jan 13 3:15 AM Speck review of Libraryowl_-_Motherless_child by MalreDeszik