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Reviews left by Speck

Fri, Jan 20 3:24 AM Speck review of Chances by Mr_Yesterday
Man that's good blues, and an excellent presentation thereof.
Fri, Jan 20 3:10 AM Speck review of Those Days by @nop
Well composed. Cool. Much enjoyed.
Thu, Jan 19 3:14 AM Speck review of Bossa Me by Javolenus
Great stuff.
Tue, Jan 17 4:59 AM Speck review of Kalimba 01 by Xrott
Exactly appropriate. Welcome.
Sun, Jan 15 5:12 AM Speck review of Blindy Love [Jihfa Reload] by Jihfa
Chilling. Outstanding presentation.
Sun, Jan 15 5:04 AM Speck review of A Foolish Game by Hans Atom
Excellence in abundance. The concept, the band (a good band starts with a great...
Sun, Jan 15 4:47 AM Speck review of The road by Bluemillenium
Very nice. Very effective break leading into the end. Much enjoyed.
Sun, Jan 15 4:35 AM Speck review of Hypothetically by Dan_Mantau
Yes indeed, perfect match/support for the excellent vocals.
Sat, Jan 14 2:49 AM Speck review of The F Words by Stefan Kartenberg
Waltz and blues, that's a nice mixture. Very well done. (No need for the NSFW...
Sat, Jan 14 2:42 AM Speck review of Detachment by polyplus
Nice one. Super chill with excellent vocal integration.
Fri, Jan 13 3:06 AM Speck review of Bounce That Thing ft Patricia Edwards & Forensic by Rey Izain
Very nice, bouncy groovy funky fun.
Thu, Jan 12 4:29 AM Speck review of The F Words by daniloprates
Inspired, clever and cool.
Wed, Jan 11 4:30 AM Speck review of Tu Tu (Hinidi) by Vibhu Tewary
I think anything that gets us more pellas and/or samples is encouraged (or shoul...
Wed, Jan 11 4:11 AM Speck review of When the Sun Finally Comes Out by ColdFoot
Very enjoyable listen. Great adds and excellent sound/production.
Tue, Jan 10 2:14 AM Speck review of Beach by alqoritm
I like how uncrowded this mix is. Good clean action. Nicely done.