Early Birds Begin Nesting in the Tree

Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Nov 19 4:38 AM Speck review of Go Tell It On The Mountain by texasradiofish
Amen-able blend. Great idea, great execution.
Sat, Nov 18 8:28 AM Speck review of Split Second Decision (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
I like how you've treated Martijn's samples and how well you've integrated your ...
Sat, Nov 18 8:19 AM Speck review of Black Is The Colour by Siobhan Dakay
Nice one. Calmly dramatic.
Sat, Nov 18 7:58 AM Speck review of These mortal lips by reiswerk
Nicely done. Great sound. And thanks for the samples.
Tue, Nov 14 4:31 AM Speck review of Blow up Santa by Stefan Kartenberg
I really dig what you've done here. Really. Thanks so much.
Sat, Nov 11 4:03 AM Speck review of Blues Party by Stefan Kartenberg
Classic and super clean. Excellent share.
Thu, Nov 9 8:00 AM Speck review of Ghost Town Liberation by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice one. I like the fluidity. (And the samples should be fun to play with.)
Wed, Nov 8 5:22 AM Speck review of Gypsy Jazz by Stefan Kartenberg
Very cool hot jazz. Well swung. (Nice vocals too.)
Tue, Nov 7 3:54 AM Speck review of Urban Desert by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice one.
Tue, Nov 7 3:44 AM Speck review of Gypsy Jazz - Soppong River by Aquoibon
Very nice. Skilled playing and bright sound. Thanks for sharing.
Mon, Nov 6 4:14 AM Speck review of Land Line (Fallen) by Mr_Yesterday
Man that's good. So very good.
Mon, Nov 6 3:54 AM Speck review of Outside In by Stefan Kartenberg
Sun, Nov 5 4:23 AM Speck review of Maze tricks v3 by JohnBozi
Cool sounds, good energy. On removing anything - I would just say that it's p...
Sun, Nov 5 3:50 AM Speck review of noise undrum by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Excellent noise beat. And inspiring. (I have an idea of something to do with it....
Sat, Nov 4 4:29 AM Speck review of 35 Years by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice bouncy blues jam. Great energy.