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Reviews left by Speck

Tue, Apr 25 4:08 AM Speck review of Sakura Blossom by Admiral Bob
Kudos to the Admiral for services above and beyond the call of duty. And you eve...
Tue, Apr 25 3:29 AM Speck review of Not So Awesome Tune by Admiral Bob
Great energy and flow. Completely engaging.
Mon, Apr 24 3:44 AM Speck review of Evolution (Featuring KungFuFrijters) by spinningmerkaba
Very nice. Great transitions and variety. Plus you used one of my all-time favor...
Sun, Apr 23 4:09 AM Speck review of The Code of My Heart by gurdonark
Thanks, gurdonark. It's everything you say it is - hypnotic, playful, minimal an...
Sun, Apr 23 3:52 AM Speck review of Ubiquitous Now by Mr_Yesterday
Cool concept, nicely balanced execution. Has a sort of you are there sound/feel....
Sat, Apr 22 1:32 PM Speck review of Scomber Mashupremix by Abstract Audio
Works for me. I liked it from the start and it just kept getting better. Great j...
Sat, Apr 22 1:23 PM Speck review of #MOAD (Transformer) by Siobhan Dakay
Nice one, respectful of the gurdonark sound and expertly enhanced. Very nice ind...
Sat, Apr 22 1:02 PM Speck review of Altar (Junkieloop Exception) by 7OOP3D
Mana Junkie was a tough draw (I wish he'd share more samples) but you overcame w...
Sat, Apr 22 12:53 PM Speck review of Hard Wired by Kara Square
A very effective instrumental change-up. I've been diggin' Mr Yesterday for some...
Sat, Apr 22 6:42 AM Speck review of nightRain by airtone
Nice light touch on a well chosen source. Very nice.
Sat, Apr 22 4:41 AM Speck review of To Remind You by Admiral Bob
I really like that "Pretty" guitarish sample and you've treated it well here. Yo...
Sat, Apr 22 3:39 AM Speck review of Who´ll play the Blues? by Hans Atom
Oh yeah, powerful blues mix. Everything sounds and feels just right and natural....
Sat, Apr 22 3:16 AM Speck review of 2000 Lichtjahre by Karstenholymoly
Great sound, great energy, excellent mix.
Sat, Apr 22 3:07 AM Speck review of Missing Person by Orrisroot
Very nice indeed. And thanks for the dry flac.
Wed, Apr 19 3:33 AM Speck review of Princess Singer(remix) by @nop
Cool. The vocals could be a bit louder in the mix but still, very nice.