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Reviews left by Speck

Wed, Sep 22 2:54 AM Speck review of Too Stoned Tomorrow by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice.
Mon, Sep 20 2:38 AM Speck review of Lucky by echo_orbit
Nice. Kara's vocals work really well in this reggae setting. (On the propert...
Sun, Sep 19 4:21 AM Speck review of Sleepless Night by @nop
Great mix. Clean, energetic and cool. Very cool.
Sun, Sep 19 4:12 AM Speck review of SuperHero by Anacrusis Ansa
And how did I miss this one? Really well written, personal and relatable. (Loo...
Sun, Sep 19 4:07 AM Speck review of Taken by Anacrusis Ansa
Oh I like this very much, thank you for sharing it.
Sat, Sep 18 3:22 AM Speck review of 𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗀𝖺𝗇𝗍 by Apoxode
Très élégant.
Tue, Sep 14 3:16 AM Speck review of Cloudy Evening by Beluga Ten
Sweet laid back late summer meditation.
Sun, Sep 12 3:00 AM Speck review of π™²πšπšˆπš‚πšƒπ™°π™» by Apoxode
Sweet and mellow. You cut a very nice melodic slice of the chimes.
Sun, Sep 12 2:50 AM Speck review of Medicine by Siobhan Dakay
Yes, the bit of happy works so well with this song. Nicely done.
Sat, Sep 11 4:31 AM Speck review of Too Stoned Tomorrow by Kevin_Milner_music
Wow, so touching. I love it when people sing their truth. btw - I'm guessing...
Fri, Sep 10 3:03 AM Speck review of Late Summer Night's Theme by texasradiofish
A highly skilled blend of varied source material. Makes for a compelling, enjoya...
Fri, Sep 10 2:54 AM Speck review of Warm Lights by Darkroom
Nice! A perfect lofi summer chill vibe.
Thu, Sep 9 3:05 AM Speck review of Knock Off That Racket by Apoxode
Nice one. (I think I may be adding some racket to it.)
Wed, Sep 8 3:07 AM Speck review of Just a Day Off by Admiral Bob
That's some really nice late summer chill day off vibes.
Tue, Sep 7 3:29 AM Speck review of Wheres My Burrito by Apoxode
Very nice. I was so into it I forgot to listen for the mistakes. Besides - "the...