Time of Terror Remix Event

Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Oct 25 3:12 AM Speck review of Ccmixter Graveyard by septahelix
Nice slow development. Steady as she goes.
Sun, Oct 25 3:00 AM Speck review of Searching for Lifeforms by Apoxode
Very much a fun mix, upfull and bouncy.
Sat, Oct 24 3:22 AM Speck review of RoadThea by MalreDeszik
Nice one.
Fri, Oct 23 2:20 AM Speck review of Desirable Things by Kraftamt
Mmm... sweepy. A great coupling of guitar and synth and just enough voice to giv...
Wed, Oct 21 3:36 AM Speck review of C A P S L O C K by Apoxode
Great piece. Clean forward motion. Ear-catching cadence.
Wed, Oct 21 3:19 AM Speck review of Terror Tracks - Shivers by Darkroom
Great shivers inducing chill and flow. Perfect vocal choices and integration. I ...
Wed, Oct 21 3:07 AM Speck review of bandstand by panu
Very cool. Funky, bluesy and expressed with great clarity.
Tue, Oct 20 2:19 AM Speck review of Brick Lane E1 6QL by Radioontheshelf
To my ears/mind (subjective opinion) - one of your best.
Mon, Oct 19 2:52 AM Speck review of Le Graoully passe à la toussaint by Bluemillenium
An excellent arrangement. Très cinématographique.
Sun, Oct 18 3:48 AM Speck review of Chaos by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice groove and a well engaging jam.
Fri, Oct 16 3:12 AM Speck review of Gloom and Doom - Vocals by Kara Square
"All that's good is good as dead." That's a great line. You're not going to g...
Fri, Oct 16 2:57 AM Speck review of sub javo bubble by panu
Brill! Top notch.
Thu, Oct 15 2:53 AM Speck review of Jump To The Moon by khalafnasirs
Thu, Oct 15 2:48 AM Speck review of Lalala by MalreDeszik
Fits the theme well.
Thu, Oct 15 2:42 AM Speck review of Crash and burn by reiswerk
Peak reiswerk. Pleasantly present character.