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Reviews left by Speck

Fri, Oct 7 3:49 AM Speck review of Could Be by Dan_Mantau
Nicely done. Really smooth composition.
Fri, Oct 7 3:41 AM Speck review of Appleween by musikpirat
That's a hot, fun groove. Much enjoyed.
Wed, Oct 5 3:45 AM Speck review of Morning People by Apoxode
Maybe it won't be a hit but I enjoyed it. I like the dub swirl version. And I'll...
Fri, Sep 30 4:04 AM Speck review of Talkin Bout by Apoxode
A sound adventure, exciting and cool.
Sat, Sep 24 6:08 AM Speck review of Blue Eye Bolero by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
That's a great mellow groove, nice and fluid. The organ sound is a really sweet ...
Sat, Sep 24 5:52 AM Speck review of It Still Hurts by Radioontheshelf
Great sound, movement and transitions. Much enjoyed.
Wed, Sep 21 4:33 AM Speck review of Melange by musikpirat
Exciting mix, well composed and much enjoyed. Who's vocals? Admiral Bob? Nee...
Wed, Sep 21 4:02 AM Speck review of Flying through Palo Duro Canyon in My Sleep by gurdonark
Very cool sound palette. Enjoyed the flight.
Wed, Sep 21 3:47 AM Speck review of lugubriously lost by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Interesting instrumentation. Nicely done.
Sat, Sep 17 8:43 AM Speck review of All These Colors ft ScOmBer by Apoxode
Wow! Maybe it's because I haven't been able to listen to any new music here sinc...
Sat, Sep 17 8:20 AM Speck review of Soul and Body ft airtone by Apoxode
A very nice take on travelLight. Moves along well. Much enjoyed.
Sat, Sep 17 8:13 AM Speck review of harmony (the waking dream) by panu
This is beautiful. Sweet and robust.