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Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Jul 23 12:28 PM Speck review of The Rainstick by Stefan Kartenberg
Sun, Jul 23 4:07 AM Speck review of POD Dreams by Stefan Kartenberg
A mesmerizing swirl of sound. Very engaging.
Sat, Jul 22 3:41 AM Speck review of La tortue rouge est née by Bluemillenium
Very cool. Great sound, deep groove.
Wed, Jul 19 3:25 AM Speck review of Tender Steps by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Engaging mellowness. Very nice.
Wed, Jul 19 3:18 AM Speck review of Raised Walls by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice. I like how similarly raspy the voice and the guitar are.
Mon, Jul 17 3:40 AM Speck review of Guess This Is Love by Siobhan Dakay
Nice one. That little giggle at the end sums it up perfectly.
Sat, Jul 15 4:29 AM Speck review of The Drilling Begins by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Another beauty. Nice relaxed flow.
Sat, Jul 15 4:16 AM Speck review of Head Noise by Quarkstar
Very cool. My head was a happy host.
Sat, Jul 15 4:07 AM Speck review of Who (see a beautiful getting old) by Siobhan Dakay
Very nice. Compelling fluidity.
Fri, Jul 14 3:27 AM Speck review of Dark Clouds by Stefan Kartenberg
Nicely done. Excellent build.
Fri, Jul 14 3:21 AM Speck review of Dark Clouds by Abstract Audio
So very good. Music and words so well mated.
Fri, Jul 14 3:13 AM Speck review of Raise your voice by Abstract Audio
Well done. Nice and gritty.
Fri, Jul 7 4:47 AM Speck review of Primitive People by Scomber
Great match of vocal and music samples and a nice beat driving it. Very cool.
Wed, Jul 5 4:15 AM Speck review of slowLane by airtone
Beautifully done.
Mon, Jul 3 4:44 AM Speck review of Pimped Chances by Siobhan Dakay
The bass is so perfectly fit, drives the funky. Great sound too. Nicely done.