Reviews left by Snowflake

Sun, Feb 27 11:38 AM Snowflake review of Sadness is an Ich-Flavoured Dish by Joel Frijters
would you share your typed lyrics? they are really speaking to me today.
Sun, Feb 27 11:37 AM Snowflake review of Black Gypsy Magic / Arid Dry Land - Travel By Night by Joel Frijters
swirling with magic.
Sun, Feb 27 11:30 AM Snowflake review of spacedust by airtone
So spellbindingly gorgeous! My heart is singing with hope, glistening with space...
Sun, Feb 27 11:26 AM Snowflake review of Karavescent by Apoxode
You have me hooked from the first Karavescent vocal note, and keep pulling me in...
Sun, Feb 27 11:24 AM Snowflake review of All Human by A.G.A. Charlie
Haunting and beautiful.
Sun, Feb 27 11:24 AM Snowflake review of Building A New World by Radioontheshelf
You've moved me tears, not only by your emotive music production but also the st...
Sun, Feb 27 11:21 AM Snowflake review of ł ₳₥ ⱧɄ₥₳₦ by Vidian
This is *deep* -- haunting, beautiful and especially meaningful in today's clima...
Sat, Feb 26 10:32 PM Snowflake review of Strange World by Darkroom
I dig the dark glitch of the intro moving into deep rhythm. you have taken me to...
Sat, Feb 26 10:17 PM Snowflake review of Blue by offlinebouncer
how beautiful.
Sat, Feb 26 10:17 PM Snowflake review of Blue (Imaginal Cell) by 7OOP3D
I enter your mystical chrysalis immediately, with ambient tones and rhythm. The ...
Wed, Feb 2 12:59 PM Snowflake review of Shimmer (The Light) by SackJo22
i love the airy "light" in your vocals. sweet groove and yummy guitar. your lyri...
Wed, Feb 2 12:46 PM Snowflake review of Things Change by SackJo22
tasty funky prophetic philosophy from Sackjo22! congrats on the Ed Pick