Reviews left by Snowflake

Fri, Nov 26 6:58 PM Snowflake review of 3 Funky Kings by Admiral Bob
Such tasty guitar tones! Awesome stems.
Fri, Nov 26 6:54 PM Snowflake review of Good King Funkylas by Admiral Bob
A funky groove fit for a King!
Sat, Nov 13 12:58 PM Snowflake review of Foresight by Fonazza-Stent
Thanks for the awesome stems!
Sat, Nov 13 12:57 PM Snowflake review of Love Me The Way That I Do by Attic Ella
Sat, Nov 13 12:54 PM Snowflake review of Fierce Love (remix) by sparky
I love the space you give between the notes to let the lyrics breathe. the vocal...
Sun, Nov 7 8:16 AM Snowflake review of È arrivato il momento by Fabrizio_Clementi76
You uploaded the mix for your other upload here instead of stems.
Fri, Nov 5 7:03 AM Snowflake review of 001 Chris Parker - Goa by valenchak
Please upload your stems. That’s how our community works. Thank you.
Fri, Nov 5 7:02 AM Snowflake review of Siamo by Fabrizio_Clementi76
Please upload your stems. That’s how our community works. Thank you.
Tue, Nov 2 6:52 PM Snowflake review of Want to Fly ft. Snowflake by Apoxode
Wow thank you for this very thoughtful surprise! I haven’t thought about this ...
Mon, Nov 1 9:14 AM Snowflake review of Evolve to the Dark by ScOmBer
wow can't believe you had to restart and somehow rebuilt everything so quickly w...
Mon, Nov 1 9:11 AM Snowflake review of Dancing With The Restless by PorchCat
Delightfully spooky! A perfect soundtrack for Halloween/Samhain. You are invi...
Mon, Nov 1 9:10 AM Snowflake review of I W A N T Y O U (to hurt like me) by @CrazyLittleAsian
This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Your vocals give me goosebumps. Wonderful in conc...
Sun, Oct 31 2:54 PM Snowflake review of Time Machine (Featuring ScOmber) by spinningmerkaba
I'm dancing to the beat (admittedly it's too cold to remove my clothing...) What...
Sun, Oct 31 12:43 PM Snowflake review of Lament of the Irish Immigrant by Story of the Lie
Congrats on your first Secret Mixter! Brilliant -- in concept, vision, and produ...
Sun, Oct 31 12:41 PM Snowflake review of Bluemillenium_-_El_Grayullu by MalreDeszik
Abstractly envigorating. When the piano enters is especially striking. Lovely di...