Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Snowflake

Sat, Sep 4 8:07 AM Snowflake review of Recall - Vocals by Kara Square
how beautiful. the tone and air in your voice is incredible. bawling!
Sat, Sep 4 8:07 AM Snowflake review of Before The Silence by Radioontheshelf
Reflective melodic drifting. Beautiful string parts!
Sat, Sep 4 8:05 AM Snowflake review of Summer Evening by texasradiofish
lovely storytelling.
Fri, Sep 3 5:02 PM Snowflake review of Kiss by Whitewolf
yes!! this!!
Fri, Sep 3 4:57 PM Snowflake review of The Human Race Instrumental 2 by Stefan Kartenberg
was hoping to get the drum stem for this amazing track!
Sat, Aug 28 11:02 AM Snowflake review of Kabul Airport August 2021 by Radioontheshelf
I'm honored to be included in this deeply stirring piece of music, speaking to m...
Sat, Aug 28 8:01 AM Snowflake review of Goddamnit, I Just Wanna Rock 'N Roll by Kevin_Milner_music
Great song and recordings! I understand the frustration -- which is why we creat...
Sat, Aug 28 7:53 AM Snowflake review of Three Irish Movements by Radioontheshelf
deeply moving. emotive music. introspective storytelling. gorgeous.
Sat, Aug 28 7:47 AM Snowflake review of Bed Magic by Siobhan Dakay
magic indeed!!!
Sat, Aug 28 7:46 AM Snowflake review of precarity by airtone
served in the glow of the soft evening sunlight. amazing mix. congrats on the Ed...
Sat, Aug 21 8:42 AM Snowflake review of A Celtic Road by Radioontheshelf
how utterly beautiful!! should be in the LOTR soundtrack. that violin pulls the ...
Fri, Aug 20 1:38 PM Snowflake review of On the Bridge (lower fidelty mix) by texasradiofish
this is gorgeous!! clear and polished. digging the lo-fi vibe. ordering up my ma...