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Reviews left by Snowflake

Wed, May 31 7:18 PM Snowflake review of The Taking Of A Liberty by Radioontheshelf
incredible sonic quality right from the top, in the chunk of the acoustic, melod...
Wed, May 31 7:16 PM Snowflake review of Flying Fleet by Speck
hypnotizing rhythm, like the sound of swirling confusion in my heart, given dire...
Sun, May 14 3:29 PM Snowflake review of Tribute to Tobias Weber by Stefan Kartenberg
This is so peaceful and beautiful. Tears are flowing. I'm honored to be included...
Fri, Apr 21 10:15 AM Snowflake review of K A B A by SO SHA
Incredible Sha!!! What a wonderful collaboration with everyone involved.
Fri, Apr 21 10:13 AM Snowflake review of Cut Off Your Head by Wiseman
Loving these footsteps and harmonica paired with my pell - makes it more hopeful...
Thu, Apr 20 6:43 PM Snowflake review of K A B A (Analog Mastering) by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
everything you create sounds so professional and polished. i'd love a virtual le...
Wed, Apr 12 9:58 AM Snowflake review of THE RESIDENT by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
will you please upload instrumental stems as well?
Wed, Apr 12 9:57 AM Snowflake review of Cmin_2023 by unreal_dm
thank you for this excellent sample pack!
Sun, Apr 9 8:16 AM Snowflake review of Grow (Instrumental) by Poor Legacy
this is great musically, but please upload your stems so others can interact and...
Sun, Apr 2 8:40 AM Snowflake review of Cut Of Your Head (Headhunters Dance Mix) by Mana Junkie
energizing loops and guitar that blend perfectly with my coffee this morning! a ...
Wed, Mar 29 8:23 PM Snowflake review of god´s forgotten children by Stefan Kartenberg
incredibly powerful words.
Wed, Mar 29 8:22 PM Snowflake review of Schandleut by DreamingDragon
thank you for sharing your voice and the captivating lyrics.
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