Reviews left by shagrugge

Thu, Jan 8 6:12 PM shagrugge review of Faces Of Debt (Old School Rawness mix) by duckett
What the fiznuck Kassan choppa!
Wed, Jan 7 11:47 AM shagrugge review of Reason why I rock by DJ.E-State
oh shit...that piano loop over the beat is seriously addictive
Tue, Jan 6 11:36 AM shagrugge review of between_Two_Bars by TheJoe
that RnB groove is sweet, well crafted
Tue, Jan 6 11:27 AM shagrugge review of The Fool who was the King by radiotimes
now that is quite an assortment of sounds you've combined there. Great use of No...
Tue, Jan 6 10:53 AM shagrugge review of Dropping out of School (Electra mix) by teru
I'd like to take this time to tell the kids Don't drop out, stay in school or if...
Tue, Jan 6 10:36 AM shagrugge review of Trust Dance Mash by teru
Teru always mining the pella/remix/sample gold, MTG is so under utilized...
Tue, Jan 6 10:32 AM shagrugge review of El Estilo Es Kruzial: La Remezcla! by wellman
I'm a sucker for rap in foreign languages (especially spanish) nice works sir
Tue, Jan 6 10:17 AM shagrugge review of Faces of Debt by 4Ress_Projek
I'm guessin this is FFGreen and Clarance the Body teamed up...ya'll should link ...
Tue, Jan 6 10:13 AM shagrugge review of Suitcase by Scott Altham
quite cinematic...this is industrial audio imagery at it's finest
Tue, Jan 6 10:06 AM shagrugge review of I wonder If, LS ManoloCamp remix by Loveshadow
Dig Manolo's bass line...nice work from the LS crew
Tue, Jan 6 10:04 AM shagrugge review of EMPIRE BACK / Interlude by BOCrew
nice string and pad work in this. Might have to sample this interlude, good to h...
Tue, Jan 6 10:03 AM shagrugge review of GET OUT / 2009 by BOCrew
BOCrew got some serious production ear
Sat, Dec 27 11:38 AM shagrugge review of I Failed!! by radiotimes
Sat, Dec 27 7:43 AM shagrugge review of COMPULSIVE COMPUTER by jikjax
ill groove track
Fri, Dec 26 1:43 PM shagrugge review of Just one Night (nyx mix) by Citizen Nyx
instrumentally dig everything about this track...there's something about the voc...