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Reviews left by shagrugge

Thu, Sep 28 5:47 AM shagrugge review of Sans Clue by fourstones
love the vocal work this is some ill ish
Sat, Sep 23 5:12 PM shagrugge review of At the Door by Wade_Golden
Jump! If Beck had tried christian rap he would have sounded like this...need som...
Sat, Sep 23 5:11 PM shagrugge review of The Invitation by Wade_Golden
Did Rev Ken put you up to this?
Sat, Sep 23 1:52 PM shagrugge review of I'm not hearing U by paniq
this rocks!
Sat, Sep 23 1:50 PM shagrugge review of WHOIEE by greigmonk
definitely useful thnx Anson...I'm glad you joined up!
Sat, Sep 23 1:49 PM shagrugge review of I.Wonder.Today by narva9
Can we get this as a true pella without the instrumental backing? It sounds grea...
Mon, Aug 28 8:08 PM shagrugge review of Sadness of Tears - remix by teru
Musically this is incredible...I would like to hear something done with the voca...
Sat, Aug 19 4:21 PM shagrugge review of DAWN (beta) by pi4thxsig
incredible--- looking to include this on the ccMixter Spoken Word Compilation Al...
Sat, Aug 19 4:17 PM shagrugge review of Bad Mistake by pi4thxsig
echoing Sunbyrn's statements...I had to check this out to see how Chilla utilize...
Sat, Aug 19 8:02 AM shagrugge review of Leo (Treatment) by fourstones
love the jazzy-dreamy/nobeat vibe. Great interpretation.
Thu, Aug 17 5:17 PM shagrugge review of Boca Boca Boddyker by ASHWAN
I dig the turntable snare runnin through this around 1:00-1:30.
Mon, Aug 7 12:48 PM shagrugge review of ophelia┬┤s next goodbye by audiomesh
so melodic incredibly smooth mix...I can hear some soft sax fitting in nicely wi...
Tue, Aug 1 1:19 AM shagrugge review of Reminisce Coast by teru
hell yeah echo the comments on the sax...it's put to great use.
Sun, Jul 30 12:45 PM shagrugge review of Desaprendere - Sanidade by teru
damn I love the Underworld style bassline going on in this...nicely done bringin...
Sun, Jul 30 12:45 AM shagrugge review of Desaprendere by minimal_art
Excellent take on the sax samples...oh and Silvia O's voice 2 ;).