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Reviews left by shagrugge

Thu, Sep 6 11:41 AM shagrugge review of Ballistic A by teru
ill...love that dirty base after bout 2:15...the beginning might be filled out w...
Fri, Aug 31 2:55 PM shagrugge review of AMinorTheory_DreamInBlue_rmx by essl
worthy retro soft vinyl
Tue, Aug 14 8:02 AM shagrugge review of Black Coffee Blues by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
I love this mix...it puts me straight into a smoky jazz club...so late it's earl...
Thu, Aug 2 7:34 AM shagrugge review of Madrugada a la Gil Evans by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
incredible track...love the old skool latin jazz vibe
Tue, Jun 19 5:22 AM shagrugge review of RAP-RIM / Bad boys from Nouakchott by BOCrew
ill beats and rythmic emcees
Mon, Jun 18 3:16 PM shagrugge review of Cidade Sol swinging bossa Remix by tigabeatz
instrumentally this is really unique, check the vocals though...they seem off in...
Mon, Jun 18 3:14 PM shagrugge review of Oh Lord by oldDog
This is an incredible arrangement. Excellent work. Some of the horn/string s...
Sat, Mar 24 8:35 AM shagrugge review of just one night by Tomas PhUsIoN
the slowed down vocals work nice...congrats on the new addition to the phusion f...
Sun, Mar 11 2:47 PM shagrugge review of Just One Night (K's Soul Kiss Mix) by KCentric
K this is incredible man ;) chillin to it
Tue, Mar 6 9:11 PM shagrugge review of 2012 No Brains n' Full Throttle by Tapsa
is anyone else getting a fast times at ridgemont high vibe off this? killer g...
Sat, Feb 17 5:01 PM shagrugge review of Valhalla by MC Jack in the Box
Virtual rock band fer sure, totally did not expect an 'unnatural' mix like this ...
Tue, Feb 13 9:26 AM shagrugge review of Day of Lead by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
incredible soundscape
Sun, Feb 11 9:25 PM shagrugge review of A Night At Tobassa by paradox
vocals are out of key and off beat with the music...again you've got good compos...
Sun, Feb 11 9:21 PM shagrugge review of Midnight by paradox
love the instrumental synth and bass vibe... but the FL Studio generated voices ...
Tue, Jan 16 6:13 AM shagrugge review of OPEN your eyes (Summer remix clean edit) by BOCrew
the instrumental idea is ill and laid back...so smooth.