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Reviews left by shagrugge

Sat, Dec 8 10:43 AM shagrugge review of Whistles & Bells (December mix) by oldDog
nice bell samples, quite this off the Calendar girl holiday album?
Sat, Nov 24 10:44 PM shagrugge review of No Flowers, No Cry by duckett
incredible interpretation of the vocal eagerly awaiting the full mix
Sat, Nov 24 10:35 AM shagrugge review of Trompet from "Awel" by stefsax
It says the zip folder is password protected? anyone know the password?
Wed, Nov 21 6:19 PM shagrugge review of You Think You're So Clever Remixed by State Shirt by State Shirt
a retro 80s electro vibe that goes glitchnuts during the breakdown. All around g...
Tue, Nov 20 3:42 AM shagrugge review of Disco Point (why me?) by Analog By Nature
nice underworld style groove treatment to magurno, well done.
Mon, Nov 19 4:58 PM shagrugge review of chienne de vie vocal for I like it like by dupoxy
thanks for the upload, this is hot
Sun, Nov 18 8:16 AM shagrugge review of Dakar to Paris To NY to Detroit by BOCrew
Damn i miss the synthmasters/beatcrafters known as BOCrew
Sun, Nov 18 8:03 AM shagrugge review of Message dans le répondeur by s.c.mixer
well done in all respects
Fri, Nov 16 5:57 PM shagrugge review of site promo - cool music by teru
a nice blend of reminisce with new school
Mon, Nov 12 4:18 PM shagrugge review of PLoo Part 4 by FGrn Grn
_ looked up 'ill' in the dictionary and it said I had to check this track. This ...
Mon, Nov 12 4:05 PM shagrugge review of Rhapsody in d minor by Darkroom
wow what an incredible take on this...really brings out the soulful melancholy v...
Sun, Nov 11 10:35 AM shagrugge review of Kaer Trouz Vocal D Minor P.P.G. (I Heart Nittso Remix) by Kaer Trouz
This is an incredible vocal...some of it is a little overmodulated...any chance ...
Sat, Nov 10 6:23 PM shagrugge review of Monday all the week by radiotimes
This mix really brings out the hilarity of the vocals. Code monkey say mix monke...
Fri, Nov 9 7:13 AM shagrugge review of Dirge for Two Veterans by gurdonark
sweet analog frogger key sounding melody
Fri, Nov 9 7:07 AM shagrugge review of Celebrity (Mickey Jello's Stargazer Remix) by Mickey Jello
love the organ...great remix!