Reviews left by shagrugge

Mon, May 12 4:21 PM shagrugge review of It Was 1972 by Lasswell
incredible man...soul to the umpteenth degree
Mon, May 12 4:05 PM shagrugge review of Come Back 2 Me (James Nick Solder Remix) by James Nick Solder
Beat and melody are well orchestrated...dig the ideas you vibed here. Makkross c...
Mon, May 12 4:00 PM shagrugge review of Show Me Something (GE House Mix) by George_Ellinas
very nice club track sir has a real pro quality to it.
Mon, May 12 3:58 PM shagrugge review of Your shit don't go by Johnny Gadget
the intro was nice but I was left wondering what happened to the beats...maybe t...
Mon, May 12 3:53 PM shagrugge review of Take me to the Indian fair Daddy by radiotimes
really like what you did bringing the whole south asian feel to the mix.
Mon, May 12 3:49 PM shagrugge review of Deep In Your Self by FGrn Grn
damn son the synths, the beats, very well done, unique as hell.
Sun, May 11 6:03 AM shagrugge review of RAPPER DE MENTIRA - JQUEST's Muito Legal Rehash by JQUEST
one the verse drops there's some seriously ill beat work on this track
Wed, May 7 4:41 AM shagrugge review of Anti-cyclone on Saturn by Fireproof_Babies
psychadelic mix...the way you channeled the sound really makes this stand out.
Wed, May 7 4:36 AM shagrugge review of Hush (Mattstacks mix) by Mattstack
this is a unique industrial take on KC's vocal
Fri, May 2 6:43 AM shagrugge review of It Feels Dirty by Dominique Cypr├Ęs
The nice thing about spoken word is that it lends itself to many different sound...
Fri, May 2 6:24 AM shagrugge review of Aint it Funny by Anth Crunk
production with this vocal reminds me of maxi priest a bit...and that's not a ba...
Fri, May 2 6:20 AM shagrugge review of Heartbit by onlymeith
That's what it's all about using a wealth of samples...this is textbook example ...
Mon, Apr 28 11:22 AM shagrugge review of Ain't It Funny by duckett
ill bass work I'm listening on headphones and it still sounds sic
Sat, Apr 26 11:58 AM shagrugge review of Broken (Experiment at 132 RMX) by DJ SID-the Apocalypze
yeah the chopped up drums make for a sic beat...I'd like to hear it go double ti...
Sat, Apr 26 5:54 AM shagrugge review of Love Kaer Shadow Trouz Jericho Vs Unforgiven by Kaer Trouz
corcavado yes indeed love the vocal, incredible lyrics on this and of course the...