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Reviews left by shagrugge

Wed, May 30 5:14 AM shagrugge review of Mentor Vocal Experiments by starfrosch
u came n rocked it!
Wed, Jan 11 9:43 PM shagrugge review of Me Robo El Show by Andres Franco
Wed, Nov 16 9:49 PM shagrugge review of E - Emotional Opinion (A Capella) by YEIZON
Damm!! this is some damn good Korean hip hop... where you based out of?
Sat, Sep 10 4:04 AM shagrugge review of Float Wish by septahelix
I like the way you used my vocal. Niice work!
Wed, Jun 29 4:35 PM shagrugge review of ESTRAGEN by BOCrew
Sat, Nov 20 4:37 PM shagrugge review of mag_-_Songboy3_-_Magic_In_Your_Eyes by magmavander
Sat, Nov 20 4:25 PM shagrugge review of Ascorbic Acid - Control you by Abstract Audio
this track tweaked the hell out my speakers = I Like
Sat, Nov 20 4:23 PM shagrugge review of Burn feat. Camburn by Donkey Horse Mule
Sat, May 22 7:44 AM shagrugge review of My Resting Place by Admiral Bob
top notch, raised in Appalachia I've always got a soft spot for good blue grass....
Thu, May 6 6:50 PM shagrugge review of Panu Moon's Panic Attack by Fireproof_Babies
Tue, Apr 13 4:34 PM shagrugge review of i can see (voc's)+seperates by beckfords
amazing vocal beckfords
Sun, Apr 11 6:49 PM shagrugge review of A TRIBUTE TO MAKKROSS by BOCrew
big s
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