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Reviews left by s.c.mixer

Sat, Aug 16 6:10 PM s.c.mixer review of Blue by Leaf
I like this approach, a little trippy, cool It's a pity that this acapella (l...
Sat, Aug 16 6:01 PM s.c.mixer review of Daily Transit by morgantj
I listened to this and your previous remixes and I overall like your style altho...
Wed, Aug 13 5:31 PM s.c.mixer review of In Love by Darkroom
Seems you took a kinda long break from ccMixter -- but it really paid off!
Wed, Aug 13 5:29 PM s.c.mixer review of Deep Blue Betty Mix by Le_Did
So chill, so nice...!! Excellent. One of my favorites renditions of this pe...
Mon, Aug 11 5:18 PM s.c.mixer review of Naked (Scottz Sunday Snooze Edit) by Scott Altham
Smooth, chill... yet another excellent work! PS: thanks so much for taking ...
Mon, Aug 11 5:13 PM s.c.mixer review of July: Liquid Nitrogen (When Pigs Fly Over A Frozen Hell) by Subliminal
Cool . CG voice is not recognizable at all but it's better that way I think.
Mon, Aug 11 5:08 PM s.c.mixer review of A Little Dirty (Casui Rmx) by casui
Lovely! Great production. I wish it were even darker! :)
Fri, Aug 8 8:40 PM s.c.mixer review of Simply Elizabeth by AT
I love that backing noisy techno track! About the vocals, it may be some iss...
Fri, Aug 8 8:27 PM s.c.mixer review of Il respire by PorchCat
Nice track -- cool usage of samples
Fri, Aug 8 8:21 PM s.c.mixer review of Shannon_Hurley_Sunrise(Touched_By_The_Light_remix).mp3 by Vovique
Very tight mix! Nice melodies, sounds, layering and production. I'm not sure ...
Fri, Aug 1 5:12 PM s.c.mixer review of This Mystery (Scottz Plastic Spoons Mix) by Scott Altham
Great production , extremely well polished sounds (for my limited ears at least)...
Sun, Jul 27 5:42 PM s.c.mixer review of Overboard (Nightshade Mix) by Onyx Nightshade
I'm glad to hear a deep house version of this acappella -- it really deserved it...
Sat, Jul 26 4:44 PM s.c.mixer review of Tanto Ruido (Dark) by WolfFly
Extremely dark! I like it :) Maybe too dark for the lyrics content (if you unde...
Mon, Jul 21 5:36 PM s.c.mixer review of Hornet by George_Ellinas
Old-school trance!! With the typical, brain-washing breakdown!! :) Nice to hear...
Mon, Jul 21 4:49 PM s.c.mixer review of Parasites intestinaux by Morusque
Nice experiment. So repulsive that it's cool :P