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Reviews left by salvatore_j

Thu, Oct 27 11:41 PM salvatore_j review of Ave Maria (Schubert) by Dr. Emiliyan Stankov
Dr. This is so freaking good,,, best I've ever heard since toured with the thr...
Sun, Sep 25 6:29 AM salvatore_j review of Ave Maria by spinmeister
This is so good ,,,,speechless..... The last verse vocal overlay/effect, Sup...
Fri, Sep 23 8:00 PM salvatore_j review of Speak To My Soul by CSoul
Sir,,,,, Dam, this is good----- I'm seeing things, mind if i tinker, adding...
Fri, Sep 23 6:25 PM salvatore_j review of Santiago by a minor theory
Hello There,,,,, a minor theory,,, Awesome powerful pleasant voice!! Hope...
Wed, Sep 21 2:01 AM salvatore_j review of Go Time by Admiral Bob
Freaking SWEET---
Tue, Aug 23 12:34 AM salvatore_j review of absolute sound by dj internet
Hi Pal, Thanks for using loop.... U mm''' Interesting direction with many el...
Fri, Aug 12 6:52 PM salvatore_j review of We Build (Reconstruct be emotional) by CSoul
Props, Two for Two... SJ
Fri, Aug 12 6:39 PM salvatore_j review of support our loops by septahelix
Awesome surprise, this my first... AAA+++ Terrific ,, ALL samples are merge...
Fri, Aug 5 7:49 PM salvatore_j review of Build by CSoul
Score expressing vocals is absolutely and undeniably right on. ----- SIR CSoul....
Fri, Aug 5 7:42 PM salvatore_j review of Sailing into Ingonish by Admiral Bob
Admiral, unbelievable plucking- wow!! SJ
Fri, Aug 5 7:37 PM salvatore_j review of how long till dreams of sunshine all the time by septahelix
Geez, listening and recommending all,, would you make something that's crappy a...
Fri, Aug 5 7:27 PM salvatore_j review of MIDIeval by septahelix
Love it, especially the sudden shot of tequila stereo---sj PS: haven't gotten t...
Tue, Aug 2 5:47 PM salvatore_j review of Ugly Mr Williams by Cezary Ostrowski
uniquely out-there, cool work!!-SJ-
Thu, Jul 21 9:44 AM salvatore_j review of Santiago 2007 Extended Dance Mix by Loveshadow
LS,,,, This is toooo good to be sitting on page 100.... I'm going to attempt ...
Thu, Jul 21 8:37 AM salvatore_j review of Woods of Chaos by musikpirat
Very very nice complex composition.... action and time is right on the money.