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Reviews left by SackJo22

Fri, Jun 8 4:25 PM SackJo22 review of Dark Clouds by Abstract Audio
Powerful work. Thank you for sharing.
Fri, Jun 8 3:46 PM SackJo22 review of No Better Noise by Speck
This is great! Thanks for being so generous with your gifts.
Fri, Jun 8 3:17 PM SackJo22 review of Black Is The Colour by Siobhan Dakay
Wed, Jun 6 12:31 PM SackJo22 review of nightWalk by airtone
Your work is consistently a sensory experience. Thank you for sharing your gifts...
Wed, Jun 6 12:27 PM SackJo22 review of Urban Deserts by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Beautiful work.
Wed, Jun 6 11:27 AM SackJo22 review of Butterflies Take Me Home by Doxent Zsigmond
Beautiful sensitive tender work. Thank you for sharing.
Wed, May 23 1:22 PM SackJo22 review of Le Bulgare (Adaptation) by Bluemillenium
This is an evocative piece that transforms as suggested by the theme of adaptati...
Wed, May 23 12:23 PM SackJo22 review of Adaptation (Spinningmerkaba) by Zep Hurme
This is the new soundtrack of my life. Thank you for generously sharing your gif...
Wed, May 23 12:12 PM SackJo22 review of Adaptation by spinningmerkaba
Wow. This lyric spoke to me. Deeply. Thank you for sharing.
Wed, May 2 7:24 AM SackJo22 review of Tributary by RizkeyG
Thanks so much for including me! A very evocative mix that lends itself to many ...
Sun, Mar 11 12:08 PM SackJo22 review of Unbury Your Heart by Siobhan Dakay
Excellent arrangement. Exotic. Earthy. Undeniable.
Mon, Sep 25 7:26 AM SackJo22 review of Badabing Badaboom Estilo Latino by texasradiofish
You guys are so much fun!!! Not to mention skilled...And you made me realize how...
Mon, Sep 25 7:23 AM SackJo22 review of The Missing Star by ich1
Beautiful work. I was enchanted during the entire piece, subtly moved along as t...
Tue, Sep 19 10:06 PM SackJo22 review of Even After All This Time (Secret Mixter Mixture) by Speck
Nice work. The transitions are really fine, and the feelmis fabulous. Thanks for...
Tue, Sep 19 9:54 PM SackJo22 review of Breathe the Sun .... by VickyDan
Thank you for including me in this evocative and thoughtful composition. It's al...