Reviews left by SackJo22

Thu, Jan 26 9:00 AM SackJo22 review of Life Is But a Dream - Vocals by Kara Square
I love this song and YOUR VOICE!!! Your voice is just so very dreamy.
Thu, Jan 26 9:00 AM SackJo22 review of Life Is But a Dream feat. Kara Square by Attic Ella
Great arrangement! Chill and dreamy. Bravo!
Thu, Jan 26 8:51 AM SackJo22 review of the clock by vermiliontempera
Yes. Very nice. Thanks so much for including me.
Thu, Jan 26 8:50 AM SackJo22 review of And She Goes Not Yet by Speck
Terrific atmosphere. I love the sounds from annabloom. Thanks for including me...
Thu, Jan 26 8:46 AM SackJo22 review of Dreaming Oceans by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
Thanks for including me in this fantastic dance track -- I love the combination ...
Mon, Jan 23 8:56 AM SackJo22 review of Crossing by Stefan Kartenberg
Great remix! Wonderful feel, sound and mood. Thanks so much for including me. ...
Sat, Jan 21 5:29 PM SackJo22 review of Still Waiting by Briareus
Nice sound, gentle groove. Much enjoyed the richness of it all.
Wed, Jan 4 11:32 AM SackJo22 review of Misty Mustang Musings by Speck
Nice job. I love the vibraphone too.
Wed, Jan 4 11:27 AM SackJo22 review of Do It All Day by Apoxode
This was great for my morning workout! Bravo!
Wed, Jan 4 11:21 AM SackJo22 review of Pollinators - Vocals by Kara Square
This song is great! I love it and I love your voice. Your vocals and harmonies ...
Wed, Jan 4 11:17 AM SackJo22 review of When by Zenboy1955
A psychedelic tour de force filled with power! Zenboy's dynamic and mezmerizing ...
Wed, Jan 4 11:08 AM SackJo22 review of Solstice Piano Live Session (What is dark, what is bright?) by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
I feel like you shared something tender and intimate with me. Thank you.