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Reviews left by sLow_starteR

Tue, May 8 3:41 PM sLow_starteR review of Hai,Sensei | はいマスター by TheDICE
beautiful & very dynamic tune, Dice. a mature masterwork, I downloaded everythi...
Tue, May 8 3:11 PM sLow_starteR review of Jammy Bastard by Sturzstrom
Tue, May 8 1:46 PM sLow_starteR review of Allgemeingut (Don´t-dare-to-mess-with-the-80ies-remix!) by Hans Atom
Great tune-- I love the fantastic production values that went into this song, re...
Tue, May 8 1:44 AM sLow_starteR review of Kundalini Rising by Jeris
after i get offline i'm listening 2 this til noon
Tue, May 8 1:39 AM sLow_starteR review of Lazy Les Paul in a Marshall in A by Admiral Bob
kicks ass
Tue, May 8 1:37 AM sLow_starteR review of Why I persist with no real reason by Fireproof_Babies
this is freakin' excellent
Tue, May 8 1:34 AM sLow_starteR review of JB110E by unreal_dm
Unreal_DM, this has "Howlin' Catfish sLow_starteR Bait" stamped right on it--- ...
Tue, May 8 12:32 AM sLow_starteR review of Lazy Les Paul in a rock stack by Admiral Bob
sLow_starteR likey. now crush army tank like Hulk!
Mon, May 7 7:08 PM sLow_starteR review of The Sun Will Rise by pokepcccp
very cool in its warmth
Mon, May 7 7:04 PM sLow_starteR review of Thank You For Your Consideration by essesq
dramatic & appealing!! also, great choice to mix w/ Javolenus' exotic kalimba in...
Mon, May 7 1:25 PM sLow_starteR review of my soul by raja_ffm
i could really see this in a film, this is waaaaaay better than what's being use...
Mon, May 7 1:08 PM sLow_starteR review of Maelstrom by TheDICE
i dig all your artful production skills and the uniquely nuanced choices you mak...
Sun, May 6 6:41 PM sLow_starteR review of Economic Hitmen by Zep Hurme
very cool, smart mix
Sun, May 6 6:37 PM sLow_starteR review of Neo Soul Instrumental 1 by Jeris
dear Jeris, i've got a lyric&melody i'd like 2 try with this fairly soon if that...
Sun, May 6 6:31 PM sLow_starteR review of DrumLowBass and Drums by Wired Ant
Wired Ant, i'd like 2 inquire for permission 2 attempt adding a lyric 2 this ver...