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Reviews left by rocavaco

Thu, Apr 23 5:17 AM rocavaco review of Sure Are A Lot Of Cars by Speck
Normally I'm not so much a fan of the blues - but this one is a very extraordina...
Thu, Apr 23 4:48 AM rocavaco review of Make a Change by Stefan Kartenberg
Like especially the overall development in this. Clever to just start with cymba...
Tue, Apr 14 2:19 AM rocavaco review of ScottischDuBatteleur by Raphaël André
Great LP And merci beaucoup for all the stems!!!
Sat, Apr 11 7:00 AM rocavaco review of Closing the Doors to Chance by texasradiofish
High energy mix with high noon Ennio Morricone bell :)
Wed, Mar 25 6:53 AM rocavaco review of There's Always Hope by Speck
There's always hope for a Speck remix when I upload some xaphoon :) Cool rhythm...
Wed, Mar 25 12:54 AM rocavaco review of Relax (somewhere) by CSoul
Thanks for remixing me, my dear new neighbour :)
Mon, Mar 23 3:10 AM rocavaco review of CSoul Healing Samples 05 by CSoul
Very nice flute sound - would be great to have the stems of the flute without sy...
Sun, Mar 15 9:48 AM rocavaco review of Ashes Left by Subliminal
Great! Especially the part where the voice comes in. A hundred guitars don't hav...
Fri, Mar 13 8:16 AM rocavaco review of Bedtime by Skill_Borrower
A second remix with my stems. Thanks! Very nice - is healing me :)
Mon, Mar 9 3:23 AM rocavaco review of Crisp Ascension by Skill_Borrower
Very interesting how you built up a new track based on only a few sample tones. ...
Sun, Mar 8 4:28 PM rocavaco review of Don't Be Afraid by Doxent Zsigmond
Very nice piano work. Fits perfectly. Like
Sun, Feb 15 2:59 PM rocavaco review of Komplett (Wienerlied II) by reiswerk
Thu, Feb 12 4:11 AM rocavaco review of Der Weaner geht ned unter by reiswerk
heast leiwand, Oida!
Fri, Jan 9 4:49 AM rocavaco review of Trust_Your_Heart by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice intro - Duduk? What instrument did you use?
Thu, Jan 8 1:09 AM rocavaco review of the cubans are coming, the cubans are coming! by latopa
Percussion fireworks - Happy New Year!