Reviews left by rocavaco

Mon, Sep 1 5:28 AM rocavaco review of Waltz to Share by Jeris
Haven't seen Clara for a while. It's nice to hear her again here at ccM in this ...
Mon, Sep 1 4:14 AM rocavaco review of Awaken by phildann
Absolutely cool re-work of this song!
Sun, Aug 17 3:15 AM rocavaco review of Deeper Nights Deeper Dreams 1 by CSoul
The jazz background has a very nice groove and some fine sounds. Like!
Sat, Aug 9 4:31 AM rocavaco review of Where are Deb's termites tomorrow? (ft. debbizo & rocavaco) by robwalkerpoet
Thanks for using my Xaphoon sample! The harmonies do not always fit but the poem...
Tue, Aug 5 6:36 AM rocavaco review of Always Late by unreal_dm
Very nice little piece ... in a Xaphoon-friendly key :)
Sat, Aug 2 4:38 AM rocavaco review of Bamboo Pocket Sax Concerto 4 Turntables by morgantj
Yeees - I like this! Very cool reuse of the Xaphoon sample. Thank you for using...
Thu, Jul 24 7:32 AM rocavaco review of Growth in the Garden (1) by SackJo22
I like both versions but prefer the spoken one. There are already so much tones/...
Sat, Jul 19 6:23 AM rocavaco review of Broomsticks and Bitches by texasradiofish
Thu, Jul 17 1:42 PM rocavaco review of David's knife by diaphane
Thank you for uploading this gorgeous a capella and the lyrics - remix is upload...
Thu, Jul 17 1:41 PM rocavaco review of Space Jazz 78bpm by Doxent Zsigmond
Great base for a chillout remix ... thanks for uploading the stems!
Sun, Jul 6 4:16 PM rocavaco review of Where's My Tomorrow? by Doxent Zsigmond
Nice, nice, nice!
Sun, Jul 6 4:11 PM rocavaco review of 2000 Lichtjahre by Stefan Kartenberg
Stefan der Dritte, aus der Sternenmitte ... gut gemacht :)
Fri, Jul 4 9:02 AM rocavaco review of Where's My Tomorrow? by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Thank you for completing the band with your bass!
Fri, Jul 4 3:57 AM rocavaco review of Pay Attention by texasradiofish
Forensic is a very rare guest in the Texas funk. Great combination!
Fri, Jul 4 3:50 AM rocavaco review of 3ach1 Teech 1 by Jeris
Yes indeed, catchy. Second listen, still swinging in my chair.