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Reviews left by robwalkerpoet

Fri, Jul 11 4:04 PM robwalkerpoet review of Six-minded (Doxent/de Boer/Walker Trio) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Perfect. Nice to see the trio back together again!
Fri, Jul 11 8:22 AM robwalkerpoet review of A Clarity Of Smog (Dance In The Rain) by robomusic
This deserves a lot of replays to hear the subtle details in your mix, robomusic...
Tue, Jul 8 12:55 PM robwalkerpoet review of Please Don't Be Shy (ft. CiggiBond) by keytronic
This is HUGE! I can hear hours of work in this big production. Congratulations.
Tue, Jul 8 12:44 PM robwalkerpoet review of TraLa by Admiral Bob
This is beautiful Susan & Bob - it's like you've retrospectively created a 50s c...
Mon, Jul 7 2:17 PM robwalkerpoet review of Where's My Tomorrow? by Doxent Zsigmond
Mon, Jul 7 2:13 PM robwalkerpoet review of Stefan by Doxent Zsigmond
A beautiful tribute, Kuba.
Mon, Jul 7 1:50 PM robwalkerpoet review of Ersatz by Hans Atom
This goes off! (And you can NEVER have too much guitar or synth Hans!)
Fri, Jul 4 6:49 PM robwalkerpoet review of Say_Goodbye by Stefan Kartenberg
Gutsy live sound! I wish I'd been at that show...
Mon, Jun 30 2:15 AM robwalkerpoet review of Maid of Culmore (crossing oceans) by keytronic
I really like this. It's interesting that the more contemporary percussion added...
Sun, Jun 15 4:50 PM robwalkerpoet review of Destroy the Shadows - Kara Square, Jack Burgess & Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Brilliant on every level. Congratulations to all involved!
Sun, Jun 15 4:44 PM robwalkerpoet review of Poppy Blues (variations) by Speck
Really smooth, chilled mix, Speck. I like the way it winds down to silence a cou...
Wed, Jun 4 6:51 AM robwalkerpoet review of Old Clothes by Speck
Always original and fresh, Speck. Thanks for including my stuff.
Wed, Jun 4 6:49 AM robwalkerpoet review of Old Clothes by ejc
This is a wonderful poem ejc.
Sat, May 31 4:27 PM robwalkerpoet review of Over and Outback by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Thanks Martijn. This really rounds it off. Cheers, rob
Wed, May 28 5:11 AM robwalkerpoet review of Noto no koto by Jeris
Oh man! This is SO exotic and multicultural. I just love the whole pastiche of t...