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Reviews left by plurgid

Tue, Jan 30 8:06 AM plurgid review of Radioactive Ants by PerlssDj
Well, I definitely see what you're going for with the minimalism. It's not reall...
Mon, Jan 29 4:29 PM plurgid review of Ana by Pitx
Oh man ... this is perfect. I love it! I'd like to try mixing some beats with ...
Mon, Jan 29 9:00 AM plurgid review of Ana (Northern Oasis Mix) by Briareus
Wow ... more unrated gold? This is excellent! 5 stars!
Mon, Jan 29 8:49 AM plurgid review of Trapped in Amber by Briareus
holy crap! This is fantastic, how has nobody reviewed and rated this yet?! Go...
Mon, Jan 29 8:36 AM plurgid review of Cut n Bass (Ambient Version) by Spuukz
I really like your stutter'y beats. Yeah, the pads do give it that video game m...
Sat, Jan 27 8:54 AM plurgid review of Revolve - Crunch Mix (ft. cdk) by CptCrunch
yeah I like it! nice little synth line, big bass drum. Nice chilly groove.
Thu, Jan 25 8:20 AM plurgid review of "Ana" (dub-style mix) by Analog By Nature
oh yeah. This is a laid back groove alright. good, good stuff!
Thu, Jan 25 8:17 AM plurgid review of Making Me Nervous (Allen KV RMX) by Allen_KV
Oh yeah! ... this a good dance mix ... nice trance-y synth swells at around 0:50...
Thu, Jan 25 8:14 AM plurgid review of Ana In Motion by SacredHeartRebel
Yeah ...good drums, and that organ riff is funky as hell in that setting. Remind...
Thu, Jan 25 7:48 AM plurgid review of Remember the Name modern rock mix2 by Chandan Boruah
little guitar distortion hits are nice! This one has a "jock jams" feel. Basketb...
Wed, Jan 24 8:07 PM plurgid review of guitar_solo_limpia by banfiel
Oh, man! Thanks for posting these. I can't wait to play wth them! Gracias!
Wed, Jan 24 8:16 AM plurgid review of Untitled 24th Jan 07 by dj0273
Man ... I really like this! Contemplative, chill ... the Chellos and piano are ...
Wed, Jan 24 8:11 AM plurgid review of Remember The Name chandan boruah mix by Chandan Boruah
I see what you're going for here ... a minimal mix with a big dirty beat a'la "G...
Wed, Jan 24 7:55 AM plurgid review of Untitled 2 by teru
nice! kind of has that feel of rolling the credits after you beat a videogame.
Wed, Jan 24 7:51 AM plurgid review of Game Blocks by octoocta
I like it. And those breaks toward the end are far from simple! Wicked!