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Reviews left by plurgid

Mon, Aug 20 1:52 PM plurgid review of Electrical Waves by teru
Sample over here, sample over there. hey ... ho ... very nice n' diggable.
Mon, Aug 20 1:41 PM plurgid review of Madrugada a la Gil Evans by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
Damn, dude, how many brass instruments do you own? And ... my God you must b...
Mon, Aug 20 1:28 PM plurgid review of Shadow Games( Radio Mix) by Loveshadow
Damn, dude!! That chord change on the intro is tiiiiight ("in-secur-ities" an...
Mon, Aug 20 1:05 PM plurgid review of Eye Magic Mix by Lasswell
Dip, indeed! smooth, fantastic production. just perfect. Why isn't this on...
Sat, Jul 28 7:41 AM plurgid review of Fertile Imagination by Olenergy
Your production is always so tight ... really professional. This is radio ready ...
Mon, Jul 23 2:17 PM plurgid review of Cut (Fixed) by Abhi S.V.
yeah I hear that slicing and dicing. That had to take forever to do by hand. Di...
Mon, Jul 23 2:07 PM plurgid review of ABC by mblaquiere
Original for sure :-) Welcome to the mixter.
Mon, Jul 23 2:02 PM plurgid review of Natchoongi - Astral Remix by rumorse
professional. this could be the original version. well done!
Mon, Jul 23 1:59 PM plurgid review of June-J.Lang's Midnight Magic Mix by J.Lang
BONGOS!!! :-) Wow ... pro-tools AND GarageBand? There's two opposite ends of ...
Mon, Jul 23 1:37 PM plurgid review of The Instrumental by Luke Tripp
Damn, so that's where all the big wet drums are coming from lately ;-) This i...
Mon, Jul 23 1:22 PM plurgid review of Nightwater (guitar edit) by pancho_villa
I don't think I get the "bubble" or "water" effect at the top. However, the a...
Mon, Jul 23 1:20 PM plurgid review of May (Tati Mix) by ditto ditto
Nice vibe. Really well done all around from the structure to the ambience.
Mon, Jul 23 1:13 PM plurgid review of Not Like That ft Songboy3 [Omni Vista's Pure Mix] by Omni Vista
Damn, that's tight. I love that pad sound ... for some reason, the whole tr...
Mon, Jul 23 1:07 PM plurgid review of Natchoongi - Karachi Radio Mix by spinmeister
I like your drums on this. Nice, deep, big. neat concept too. cool.
Mon, Jul 23 12:55 PM plurgid review of Dance for me alone by Ramtha
Yeah, this gives me technotronic flashbacks ... Awesome. To the max.