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panu (panumoon):

Reviews left by panu

Sun, Oct 25 10:36 AM panu review of THE SKYLINE / MIX OF THE DAY by BOCrew
Fri, Oct 23 1:49 PM panu review of 2020 10 23 pads 01 by Morusque
Wed, Oct 21 9:39 AM panu review of The End Is Nigh by Speck
Tue, Oct 20 7:35 AM panu review of cityGarden by airtone
always a pleasure to hear from you. . .
Tue, Oct 20 6:12 AM panu review of Brick Lane E1 6QL by Radioontheshelf
true to your modern troubador mantle. lovely vibe this. . .
Mon, Oct 19 2:31 PM panu review of Le Graoully passe à la toussaint by Bluemillenium
Sun, Oct 18 1:45 PM panu review of The Cleansing Chains by Stefan Kartenberg
nice adds. . . . +
Sat, Oct 17 8:45 AM panu review of The Cleansing Chains by Radioontheshelf
really good songwriting my brother. lovin' the growl scatting, too. . . +++
Sat, Oct 17 3:24 AM panu review of Scared of My Own Blood by ScOmBer
excellent full featured mix. . . +++
Fri, Oct 16 3:26 AM panu review of Seven Doors to the River by texasradiofish
some great old clips from back when good sound was the standard and music was al...
Fri, Oct 16 3:23 AM panu review of Gloom and Doom by Kara Square
good stuff. i like the almost imperceptable vocal harmony, too. . .
Thu, Oct 15 2:24 PM panu review of Where's My Bubble? by Subliminal
excellent stems. . . +++
Thu, Oct 15 9:29 AM panu review of Howl e'en by Speck
a cool trip to the local haunted house. . . those aren't grapes they're eyeballs...
Sun, Oct 11 9:07 AM panu review of We Are The Dead Heads by spinningmerkaba
Sat, Oct 10 9:43 AM panu review of Coverdare by economix