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Reviews left by panu

Wed, Aug 28 2:33 PM panu review of "Believe" Pella by Scomber
renewed respect and appreciation of you as an artist as i listen to the various ...
Tue, Aug 27 12:33 PM panu review of Martin Cee's Trance Time (Lightly Fortified Mix) by Speck
haunting like a late night urban alley in the rain. . . . +++
Tue, Aug 27 12:31 PM panu review of Jimmy Wants To Be A Gangsta by texasradiofish
modern hip hop groove done right (that is to say long on creativity, short on mu...
Sun, Aug 25 2:39 PM panu review of Faux Moon Sax by Speck
Zappa meets Rahsaan R. Kirk. . . . i digs this a lot. . . ++
Sun, Aug 25 2:36 PM panu review of The Day I Went To Brighton by Radioontheshelf
lovely remembrance. . . +
Sun, Aug 25 2:31 PM panu review of Slow Lane by Zep Hurme
gorgeous sound. . . .perfect timbre on each instrument. . . a treat for tired ea...
Fri, Aug 23 5:37 AM panu review of Fall Together by mykleanthony
really a gorgeous track, Mykle. your arranging skills and production are spot o...
Tue, Aug 20 10:08 AM panu review of Shadow Dancer by Scomber
great lyric. . . produced beautifully. . .
Tue, Aug 20 10:01 AM panu review of Until You Are Home Again (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Thu, Aug 15 4:59 AM panu review of Electric Body by Dysfunction_AL
Thu, Aug 15 4:59 AM panu review of These Tears (Sadness) by Loveshadow
brilliant nouveau rnb track. .. . love the way you duplicate the vocal soul in t...
Thu, Aug 15 4:54 AM panu review of Come With Me by K
excellent. . . .
Tue, Aug 13 2:42 PM panu review of Interstellar Mixer by PorchCat
a truly experimental approach. . . a good match of two visionaries. . . +++
Mon, Aug 12 9:03 AM panu review of Bonne nuit by Bluemillenium
Mon, Aug 12 3:50 AM panu review of Sadness by mykleanthony
sounds great. ... wonderful to hear you back at the microphone. . . +