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Reviews left by panu

Tue, Feb 17 6:41 PM panu review of Nine by minimal_art
this is just perfect and i'd have gotten here sooner but i was knee deep in the ...
Tue, Feb 17 4:15 PM panu review of Wet Baggy Trousers by Scomber
great stuff. i mentally superimposed the guys from Spinal Tap on my monitor for...
Tue, Feb 17 4:04 PM panu review of Mist & Shade by Scomber
REALLY pretty. queenie's angelic voice is framed perfectly by your lush proto-s...
Mon, Feb 16 4:21 PM panu review of Long Winter by Pitx
cada vez me gusta su guitarra mas. esa es muy linda. nos vemos.
Mon, Feb 16 4:18 PM panu review of Broken Fixed for Colab by mykleanthony
i actually thought you cracked it on the FIRST one. but number 2 & 3 are a big ...
Mon, Feb 16 4:15 PM panu review of No One (That Which Was Hidden Mix) by vo1k1
definitely not for young kids, but we're not young kids! great mix.
Mon, Feb 16 4:10 PM panu review of deflated, broken, improvising, and bugging out by DoKashiteru
everything a great re-mix should be. i'm gonna use this as reference c.d. next ...
Mon, Feb 16 4:04 PM panu review of Motherless by wellman
really a top-notch mix. i didn't just listen to it, i felt it.
Mon, Feb 16 3:50 PM panu review of Twilight Falling (ft. colab + RamblingLibrarian) by Ivan Chew
very nice piece (peace), ivan.
Mon, Feb 16 2:02 AM panu review of U Became My Everything by fourstones
jawdropping! this is loopin' in the truck.
Sat, Feb 14 4:52 PM panu review of Signature Sound Soundcheck by billraydrums
great snap BRD. glad you're back on the throne. possibly no BT necessary!
Fri, Feb 13 6:27 PM panu review of Slap A Lard Arse by Scott Altham
hilarious lyrics & a practiced hand on the faders (and the other stuff) translat...
Fri, Feb 13 1:36 AM panu review of Madrugada by logos
perfect! one of the best 'adult contemporary' mixes i've heard in ages.
Fri, Feb 13 1:26 AM panu review of No Sound by fourstones
um, is this gonna be on the test? (jes kiddin'.) i'm keyin' on the vocal treat...
Thu, Feb 12 4:40 PM panu review of gros bon ange (life after lofi mix) by khidir
there's a real dichotomy between the experimental side and the beautifully produ...