Somewhere Over the Border
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Sat, Feb 25 11:10 AM panu review of The Resistance by texasradiofish
Excellent mix and a good way to give an ear to the practicalities of immigration...
Sat, Feb 25 11:06 AM panu review of Yuri Crod - Procurando espa├žo by Yuri Silva
Posible que dar nos los partes individuos?. En este manera es posible por otros...
Sat, Feb 25 11:01 AM panu review of This Wall by Admiral Bob
Wonderful track, Bob. +
Fri, Feb 24 12:29 PM panu review of There Is Only Nothing (to cloud your mind) by Speck
Wonderful track. . . !!! +
Wed, Feb 22 8:27 AM panu review of HOLD TOGETHER by Stefan Kartenberg
Brilliant track. . . I'm diggin' this uptick in RnB and neo-soul stuff on mixter...
Tue, Feb 21 5:38 AM panu review of Independence Day by Hans Atom
Outstanding mix. . . !!! 978 's UP!!!
Sun, Feb 19 10:02 AM panu review of Understand Me by texasradiofish
A perfect understanding of the genre here. I could almost see the Soul Train Da...
Sun, Feb 19 9:52 AM panu review of Must Be Love ft Admiral Bob (Metal Mix version) by Ivan Chew
Sounds like a hit to me, Brother Owl. Excellent adaptation of the vocal from re...
Sun, Feb 19 9:47 AM panu review of Slide Disorder Freakshow by ColdFoot
balls out punk folk. . . .i digs it, , ! +
Sun, Feb 19 9:35 AM panu review of Somebody's In Love by Stefan Kartenberg
I like the chord progression you've used here. Thanks for giving this poppy num...
Sat, Feb 18 10:27 AM panu review of Nothing Lasts Forever by Stefan Kartenberg
Yep. That's how you do that. . . !!!
Fri, Feb 17 10:31 AM panu review of Nothing Lasts Forever by Speck
Excellent. . . . !!!
Wed, Feb 15 10:57 AM panu review of Falling (You And I) by Siobhan Dakay
Brilliant. . . . !!!
Wed, Feb 15 10:53 AM panu review of Troubled mine by Carosone
Perfect Memphis-style track. . .!
Mon, Feb 13 11:02 AM panu review of On The Stone by irieweb537
The musicianship & production quality of your three uploads are excellent but th...