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Reviews left by panu

Sun, Sep 16 1:53 PM panu review of Chopping bricks by Robbero
Great earworms. . . .
Sun, Sep 16 1:51 PM panu review of Haze by Doxent Zsigmond
EXCELLENT mix. . . .
Sun, Sep 16 1:50 PM panu review of just another day in america by urmymuse
Fri, Sep 14 9:15 AM panu review of But Some Things Stay The Same by Radioontheshelf
Mon, Sep 10 2:31 PM panu review of WuChi 3 by Radioontheshelf
Mon, Sep 10 5:36 AM panu review of WuChi by Admiral Bob
Mon, Sep 10 4:27 AM panu review of No Time Like The Present by Alex
Sun, Sep 9 8:41 AM panu review of The New Americana - Resist Until 2020! by Mr. Pepino
Sun, Sep 9 8:41 AM panu review of wuChi by airtone
Sat, Sep 8 10:48 AM panu review of When Carnarvon Met the King by Radioontheshelf
Beautiful feeling and really recorded and mixed well. I'm a sucker for a track ...
Mon, Sep 3 8:53 AM panu review of Wuji Wu Chi Music by texasradiofish
Great job of marrying the horns to the guitar. Much enjoyed. . . .
Mon, Sep 3 8:52 AM panu review of Wuji Wu Chi Music (guitar track) by texasradiofish
Well played. . . .
Sat, Sep 1 10:22 AM panu review of Cup of Tea and a Bun by Brownbear101
Tue, Aug 28 4:38 AM panu review of Heaven To Me by mykleanthony
Great to hear this with my first cup. . .
Sun, Aug 26 7:20 AM panu review of Belly of the Biased Beast (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode