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Reviews left by panu

Sun, Apr 23 6:06 PM panu review of The Test by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Yep. . . that'll work. . . . ! Thxs.
Sun, Apr 23 6:04 PM panu review of Deliver Me by Speck
Really nice use of the space, Mr. Speck. Thxs. . . . . . !
Mon, Mar 13 10:56 AM panu review of Democrazy by Stefan Kartenberg
Brilliant backing for a great song!!! 997 's UP!!!
Fri, Mar 10 9:43 AM panu review of Choose A Universe by Speck
Wed, Mar 8 11:00 AM panu review of Democrazy by Kara Square
Hits the mark, Kara. . . . !!!
Mon, Mar 6 11:14 AM panu review of Fear and Hope by reusenoise
Gorgeous. . . .
Mon, Mar 6 11:10 AM panu review of 10 cuadras (Ten Blocks) by Milton Arias
Bienvenidos. . . this is a remix site not a place to post finished tracks. If y...
Sun, Mar 5 1:24 PM panu review of You Can Cross My Border Anytime by Speck
Well said. . . !
Tue, Feb 28 3:16 PM panu review of Lamentation by reiswerk
Very good. . . !!!
Tue, Feb 28 3:14 PM panu review of Falling (Suddenly) by Siobhan Dakay
Very classy. . . ! Great production as always.
Tue, Feb 28 3:13 PM panu review of MMM ON MY WAY by Chandan Boruah
Sheer energy. . Hot track. . !!!
Tue, Feb 28 3:10 PM panu review of This Wall by Stefan Kartenberg
Sat, Feb 25 11:10 AM panu review of The Resistance by texasradiofish
Excellent mix and a good way to give an ear to the practicalities of immigration...
Sat, Feb 25 11:06 AM panu review of Yuri Crod - Procurando espaço by Yuri Silva
Posible que dar nos los partes individuos?. En este manera es posible por otros...
Sat, Feb 25 11:01 AM panu review of This Wall by Admiral Bob
Wonderful track, Bob. +