Break the Silence Event-extended!

Reviews left by narva9

Sun, Oct 19 9:21 AM narva9 review of Secrets by duckett
OMG you sound....(pause while I tamp a moment of pure awe inspired envy down :-)...
Wed, Oct 15 2:12 PM narva9 review of See You Later by Pitx
OMG this is awsome!!! Had me humming and groovin' all the way through.
Wed, Oct 15 2:07 PM narva9 review of 2# Nine Pella by panu
I heard radiotimes' mix of this. Wonderful words. I love musical short stories....
Wed, Oct 15 2:05 PM narva9 review of Working Song and Dance by radiotimes
Sparse and spiritual. Very nice. Great work. n9
Wed, Oct 15 2:02 PM narva9 review of Lady Margret by Johnny SockHead
Creepy, creepy goodness. Bravo! n9
Wed, Oct 15 1:55 PM narva9 review of Red Hero (GE Cheetah mix) by George_Ellinas
Very much enjoyed this mix. Stunning use of both vocals. thank you n9
Wed, Oct 15 1:54 PM narva9 review of Heroes by Suzi Q. Smith
Thank you for putting this up. It is stunning and powerful. n9 FYI - I c...
Wed, Oct 15 1:46 PM narva9 review of Missing Tomorrow (Summerlove mix) by khidir
Whoo hoo! Very cool mix. Go ccgirls go! n9
Wed, Oct 15 12:54 PM narva9 review of How's The Weather Pella by panu
I came by this via colab's great mix. It's oh so lonely and sparse. Very very ...
Wed, Oct 15 12:48 PM narva9 review of pieces of life by Analog By Nature
This is awesome and inspiring....and very very beautiful. Thank you for sharing...
Wed, Oct 15 12:46 PM narva9 review of Rise Again by frompast0
Thank you for your mix. Very lovely. n9
Wed, Oct 15 12:44 PM narva9 review of Too Quiet Night by Hans Atom
very very 80's :-) Whoo hoo! thank you very much for your mix. n9
Sat, Sep 20 4:47 PM narva9 review of Summertime, We Won't Forget by Ms.Vybe
Gosh I love this. Cdk's pinged for me too. But I don't think I'm going to be a...
Sat, Sep 20 4:45 PM narva9 review of I wanna be your ex by oldDog
perfect! not much else to say :-) n9
Sat, Sep 20 4:40 PM narva9 review of Winter Comes (DURDEN Version) by DURDEN
Rock ballad indeed. The build is beautiful as is KT's vocals. Awesome job. n9