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Reviews left by narva9

Wed, Dec 10 10:28 PM narva9 review of April, Saturday, 2am by Scott Altham
I like it. The distortion makes CG sound even more angelic. Thank you very ...
Wed, Dec 10 10:24 PM narva9 review of Too Quiet Night (Preview version) by Freddy_Mac
Thanks for the mix. Sparse but nice. n9
Sun, Nov 16 7:53 AM narva9 review of Suffering (I Blame BillRay Mix) by Kaer Trouz
Hey KT, This is awesome. I'm turning green with envy. You should not be able t...
Sun, Nov 16 7:43 AM narva9 review of Cuantas_veces by SilviaO
Beautiful Thank you for sharing this with us. n9
Sun, Nov 16 7:38 AM narva9 review of Oscillation by jaspertine
Thanks for sharing. No need to second guess. This is wonderful. It's an indust...
Sun, Nov 16 7:29 AM narva9 review of let y'all know by LiquidEyes
I like it. n9
Sun, Nov 16 7:21 AM narva9 review of Bad Attraction by OwlRat_Music_Company
Electronic but down and dirty Brad! Great groove. n9
Sun, Nov 16 7:12 AM narva9 review of INFINITY by BOCrew
Very nice. n9
Sun, Nov 16 7:04 AM narva9 review of I'm fine by ditto ditto
It's is whimsical, edgy-happy and beautiful. I love the build up of sounds at t...
Wed, Oct 29 7:14 PM narva9 review of Rise Again by Hans Atom
Thank you for the remix. Oh my that is a lot of synth :-) Very daring. n9
Wed, Oct 29 7:05 PM narva9 review of Wired But Disconnected by duckett
Awesome! Just awesome. You deserve all of the credit. For if it weren't you an...
Wed, Oct 22 8:45 AM narva9 review of too quiet by oldDog
Thank you so much OD, I've been listening to this on repeat all night. It is so...
Sun, Oct 19 9:21 AM narva9 review of Secrets by duckett
OMG you sound....(pause while I tamp a moment of pure awe inspired envy down :-)...
Wed, Oct 15 2:12 PM narva9 review of See You Later by Pitx
OMG this is awsome!!! Had me humming and groovin' all the way through.
Wed, Oct 15 2:07 PM narva9 review of 2# Nine Pella by panu
I heard radiotimes' mix of this. Wonderful words. I love musical short stories....