Reviews left by mykleanthony

Thu, Feb 12 12:37 PM mykleanthony review of Baked Chicken Heat by Fireproof_Babies
The Great thing about this site is the the Musicianship and the creativity f of ...
Wed, Jun 25 7:38 PM mykleanthony review of Back To Me ( The Hearts Regret ) by Loveshadow
CD101.9 Material indeed.... You are good!! Peace! ;)-
Wed, Jun 25 7:26 PM mykleanthony review of Skyline Mix by Lasswell
This is (really nice)..... people don't do (really nice) music anymore. I feel y...
Mon, Jun 23 9:55 AM mykleanthony review of 4NSIC _ Deep in yaself (DjiZ RmX) by Kwame
Ok, so iz... you got a handle on that boy!!!!! I am feelin you!! Keep it up ...
Mon, Jun 23 4:27 AM mykleanthony review of Q - Take a look at me now - DjiZ remix by Kwame
Oh yes, definite ole skool vibe with an electro pop feel. Likin this. Well done!...
Sun, Jun 15 4:34 PM mykleanthony review of The Wrong Ends of Love by Loveshadow
My hat's off to you sir. You've made me smile right through the tune. I'm speec...
Sun, Jun 15 11:45 AM mykleanthony review of Perfume - Remix by shakil
I'm lovin the guitar work. The combination between flute and guitar is always ma...
Sun, Jun 15 11:37 AM mykleanthony review of India Shaning (M.F. Rmx) by Mike Feast
Yo, DJ Mike. I'm feelin this. Good work.
Sat, Jun 14 7:55 PM mykleanthony review of Broken (DURDEN version) by DURDEN
Hot Ta Death!!! It's all you baby!!
Sat, Jun 14 3:27 PM mykleanthony review of In Silence by Loveshadow
Yo, Hot Hot Hot, I'm liking this. You always have a polish to your work. Pro...
Tue, Jun 3 4:04 PM mykleanthony review of Sunrise ( The Twitchers Mix ) by Loveshadow
Yeah, Yeah, that's what I'm talkin bout. I'm lovin this. HELLFIRE!!!!