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Reviews left by musikpirat

Mon, Jan 17 12:41 PM musikpirat review of lisa_DB_mag_Sleep_Lightly by magmavander
And another Catch of the day. :)
Sat, Jan 15 9:19 AM musikpirat review of Black Silk by Syenta
I've heard the piano before - I think in a tv commercial. Is it a classical piec...
Fri, Jan 14 2:32 PM musikpirat review of Light Me on Fire by texasradiofish
Catch of the day!
Thu, Jan 13 1:15 PM musikpirat review of Emerge In Love (Kirkoid Mix) by Kirkoid
A delicate Catch of the day. :)
Wed, Jan 12 11:57 AM musikpirat review of Will I Be Lost? by Subliminal
I wish the drums would be a bit more in front and sound more natural. Anyway it'...
Tue, Jan 11 12:42 PM musikpirat review of LOOK by Alex
Funky catch of the day. :)
Mon, Jan 10 1:08 PM musikpirat review of Crossing The Pond by medicisoundsystem
It's a pity, that you do not have an avatar. In former days, the first thing aft...
Sun, Jan 9 12:34 PM musikpirat review of Snowflake - Open (Bone Remix) by Marera
I would not call this dnb but trip hop. Anyway, it's a great Catch of the day. :...
Sun, Jan 9 12:31 PM musikpirat review of Dark Water Woman by Donkey Horse Mule
Heard this song a couple of times today - without realizing that it more than ni...
Sun, Jan 9 10:25 AM musikpirat review of Sopy Ft 4nsic - Vodkaville by Sopy
Better than the first version - from my point of view!
Sat, Jan 8 1:43 PM musikpirat review of (Maria's) Pride by Syenta
Mmmh. Did I muss something, or did you "just" compose the two different songs? A...
Sat, Jan 8 1:42 PM musikpirat review of Sleeping Gods by Scott Altham
Mh. I can't hear any splutter. The melody at the end reminds me a little bit of ...
Sat, Jan 8 1:34 PM musikpirat review of Brief Physical Patch of Skye by Sturzstrom
Catch of the day!
Fri, Jan 7 1:20 PM musikpirat review of Much too Young by Scomber
Wunderful song. And due to its appearance, I started listening to various other ...
Fri, Jan 7 1:17 PM musikpirat review of You run away by Zapac
I like the point when the beat starts breaking. The acid touch is also charming....