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Sat, Dec 13 9:45 AM musikpirat review of We're Gonna Need a Miracle ( Save Us ) Radio extended Vocal Mix :-) by Loveshadow
Just disvocerd that this song is in my christmas playlist for years and has neve...
Thu, Dec 11 1:24 PM musikpirat review of Equality by Shebbe
Glad that you're back. :P
Wed, Dec 10 1:25 PM musikpirat review of Still Still Still by Snowflake
Wed, Dec 10 1:17 PM musikpirat review of Zombies Invade Christmas by Stefan Kartenberg
(Un)holy s%*t! I'm pretty sure that the Grinch does not hate christmas - he just...
Thu, Dec 4 12:59 PM musikpirat review of the hole you left is full of rain by latopa
This is pretty weird stuff. Did I mention that I like weird stuff? :o)
Thu, Dec 4 12:49 PM musikpirat review of Looking for a Star by Shelflife
Usually I'm not a man for the silent tunes, but this one got me right from the b...
Tue, Dec 2 11:17 AM musikpirat review of Here Comes the Light by copperhead
The perfect song so be used as the opener for this year's season's calendar! ...
Fri, Apr 25 11:50 AM musikpirat review of Just Spitten ( good Morning Remix ) by AOS
Nice. Good to hear some more hip hop here. :)
Tue, Apr 8 10:34 PM musikpirat review of Wake Up Kiss by Zep Hurme
Couldn't get the song out of my head. So I ed'picked it. :o)
Thu, Feb 13 1:11 PM musikpirat review of Stimmen im Kopf by Hans Atom
Maybe you should add the NSFW tag. :o)
Tue, Feb 11 9:31 AM musikpirat review of urmymuse's lilac by timberman
And now I know another special character my scripts cannot handle... :P http://...
Fri, Dec 13 2:43 PM musikpirat review of Not So Happy Holidays by Kara Square
You did it once again... I'll be glad to wish you a happy new year. :o)
Tue, Dec 10 2:18 PM musikpirat review of Christmas Again by Speck
Absolutely not what I expected when clicking the play button. But I like it. :)
Sun, Dec 8 2:06 PM musikpirat review of O Holy Night (snowflake version) by Admiral Bob
You know, I'm not a man for excellent descriptions of ed'picked songs and thus m...
Wed, Dec 4 1:31 PM musikpirat review of Clean (Prod. by Robbero) by Robbero
Damn, this is one genious track. Reminds me a bit of Faithless.