Reviews left by MarcoRaaphorst

Tue, Jun 28 6:03 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of The Revolution (will not be blogged) by fourstones
wow, I like what you did to these Combi-demos!
Mon, Jun 27 10:17 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of One Loop Below by Cezary Ostrowski
wow,really nice one! like the mucho drive on da organ!
Thu, Jun 16 11:46 PM MarcoRaaphorst review of Pigborn (short stories series) by Cezary Ostrowski
you're using AutoComposeWhileISmoke version 2.5, right? cool!
Fri, Jun 3 11:04 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of Hamlets' Theme by fourstones
vocals sound like Green which is pure fantastic. nice track and interesting chan...
Fri, Jun 3 9:02 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of LOst Boy (short stories series) by Cezary Ostrowski
hot track! and yes hepepe is right: typical Cezary style! see you on th 6th ;...
Fri, May 27 10:15 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of Borderline (Cyberpest Mix 3.5) by Budapest BluesBoy
felt like a real band in a studio. wowie! dust brothers style. supah!
Wed, May 25 10:10 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of I swim... by Cezary Ostrowski
how could I have missed this one? it's super, orginal song, lyrics and arrangeme...
Thu, May 19 10:59 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of Brand Attraction (minimal rock mix) by Cezary Ostrowski
this fits super, super right! the tension is just great. without the tension...
Thu, May 19 3:24 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of Moody Orchestra by Coalescence
nice. also soundwise. does this use samples? doesn't sound super realistic but v...
Sat, May 7 9:48 PM MarcoRaaphorst review of If I Wait by sunbyrn
sweet swinging stuff. nicessss!
Sat, May 7 9:44 PM MarcoRaaphorst review of Scandinavian Sky by sunbyrn
oh yes, LOVE this. I also LOVE non-english lyrics. (the high mids make the m...
Sat, May 7 11:42 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of Love is the greatest Alchemy by Budapest BluesBoy
oh this is just fantastic. mixing on the piano is a bit weird (mix phasing) but ...
Sat, May 7 11:35 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of Piano Hits Loop Pack 01 by sunbyrn
we should use Flac
Wed, Apr 27 10:57 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of No Meaning No by Chuck D. feat Fine Arts Militia
it's great although not my cup of tea.
Wed, Apr 27 10:52 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of Dont Tech-No For An Answer ( Callmeyang Laid Back Remix ) by callmeyang
this was super. I am a fan now. it's has rawness and interesting rhythms. ver...