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Reviews left by magmavander

Mon, Sep 23 7:24 AM magmavander review of Mont et Merveille by ditto ditto
The music fits very well with the pella, great job! I just found the sounds lack...
Mon, Sep 23 7:19 AM magmavander review of Government Cheese by Speck
ah ah excellent! You seems to have a lot of fun making this remix :) Unusual, ar...
Sat, Sep 14 1:43 PM magmavander review of Coming Home by ScOmBer
Wonderful ballad. The BT is fantastic. Incredible quality in composition, arrang...
Fri, Sep 13 6:14 PM magmavander review of No Se Si Tu by texasradiofish
wow! Fonky :) Impossible to be impassive while listening. Very clear sounding, c...
Fri, Sep 13 6:08 PM magmavander review of Good-night not good-bye (with or without you) by keytronic
Wonderful one. Makes me wanna close my eyes just to dream :)
Thu, Sep 12 2:12 PM magmavander review of A Stranger To Ourselves by Donnie Ozone
Magnifique mon cher ami :) Really great! Can I have the lyrics please? Thanks.
Wed, Sep 11 2:37 PM magmavander review of Rimsitters by Speck
thanks for these samples :) I just uploaded some samples from 'ciggiburns mag S...
Tue, Sep 10 3:59 PM magmavander review of You've Changed 2 by CSoul
Funny, to me it sounds like Bowie meets U2's guitarist and then they encounter M...
Tue, Sep 10 3:45 PM magmavander review of Lollipop by Alex
Pro production. Very Dance yes, but with something special, original. I'm impres...
Tue, Sep 10 3:41 PM magmavander review of Spheres (Hip Hop Instrumental) by Robbero
very original. kind of hypnotic. soundtrackish, would be great for a movie :)
Tue, Sep 10 3:35 PM magmavander review of Is Anybody Listening? by JSP ft. dripmanila by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
I like the new bassline but why such a low volume, would be cool if it was more ...
Tue, Sep 10 3:31 PM magmavander review of Crusoe Blues (Defoe mix) by Shelflife
There is a kind of contrast between the backtrack and the vocal that makes the s...
Tue, Sep 10 3:23 PM magmavander review of Brad Sucks - Come back (Kojo Akusa trip mix) by Kojo_Akusa
Impressive atmosphere you builded here. The music fits perfectly with the vocal....
Sat, Aug 31 5:43 AM magmavander review of MMTMMP 25 Star Gazing in the Moonlight by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
thanks a lot for being blessed :-D
Mon, Aug 26 4:09 PM magmavander review of Flying Away by charlie_charles
Perfect for closing eyes and dreaming. The backtrack is so cool :) Great stuff.