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Reviews left by magmavander

Sun, Apr 12 11:29 AM magmavander review of Apologize (Viking Mix) by spinningmerkaba
Cool dirty and greasy rock contrasting with the clear and high voice. Excellent!
Sun, Apr 12 11:19 AM magmavander review of The Fish by Bluemillenium
Cool one. I like the uplifting feel in it. Thanks!
Sat, Apr 11 11:03 AM magmavander review of Swanker Pella by dripmanila
What a voice!! I enjoyed it a lot. I made a version quite different :)
Mon, Apr 6 2:09 PM magmavander review of WHY by beckfords
Wow! You've some cool acapellas here. I like the texture of your voice. Cool dis...
Mon, Apr 6 2:06 PM magmavander review of SOMETIMES / Jess Beat 06 by BOCrew
This is really cool :) I enjoyed a lot. . Very, very well done!
Tue, Mar 18 3:44 PM magmavander review of Keep The Silence - Mandyleigh Storm by G_Storm
Fantastic and soulful! Merci ;)
Sat, Mar 15 4:00 PM magmavander review of Pequennas Alas (PC/TA mix) by duckett
Hi duckett, I can feel the PC feel here :) Great use of the drums and percussi...
Sat, Mar 15 3:45 PM magmavander review of Pequennas Alas (dogmix) by oldDog
Hi oldDog, always interesting to hear what others have done with an acappella af...
Sat, Mar 15 3:33 PM magmavander review of we cho(o)se our spaces by penston
I liked a lot the jazz feel, very authentic. Good groove, good choice for the vo...
Sat, Mar 15 3:07 PM magmavander review of Come Back Home by Loveshadow
Cool! Very sunny and happy song :) I enjoyed a lot. Maybe the drums (loops ?) co...
Sat, Mar 15 2:49 PM magmavander review of Ophelia's Song VanLo Remix by Van_Lo
Hi V_L. Interesting electro mix. Dark and strange atmosphere. Just liked a bit l...
Sat, Mar 15 11:10 AM magmavander review of Pequennas Alas by SilviaO
Yeah, a lot of feeling here, I did enjoy a lot your voice. I've quickly made som...
Tue, Feb 12 2:41 PM magmavander review of Below_Corcovado RMX by Fringe Kollective
Hey, cool, I enjoyed it a lot! Sometimes the background's sounds/fx seems a bit ...
Tue, Feb 12 2:24 PM magmavander review of WatchThat Sound (Dub Edit) by jaqherer
It was a bit long to "start" for my taste but after I enjoyed it a lot! Cool gro...
Tue, Feb 12 2:13 PM magmavander review of PLoo 5b Instrumental by FGrn Grn
Excellent! I liked the melodic work and the fx on drums is cool :) Maybe the ba...