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Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Thu, May 22 2:03 PM Darkroom review of Without Love by Zep Hurme
Masterpiece. Tons of energy.
Thu, May 22 11:26 AM Darkroom review of In Peace (CamSynth Rmx) by CamSynth
Hey CamSynth. This is a nice remix. It is a bit loud. The vocals and other sound...
Wed, May 21 12:13 AM Darkroom review of semisweet_dust_from_the_stars_feat_teamsmileandnod by semisweet
Sounds great
Tue, May 20 12:29 AM Darkroom review of This way >> by Scomber
Silky smooth
Fri, May 16 9:44 AM Darkroom review of Fading Things by Luis Valoyes
I like this. I think the guitar works well with the other elements. Nice job.
Wed, May 7 9:58 AM Darkroom review of the king is a rabbit by Stefan Kartenberg
Spooky good
Sat, May 3 2:12 PM Darkroom review of Each Love Story by unreal_dm
I was trying a few things with this pella and was having a hard time capturing t...
Thu, May 1 9:10 AM Darkroom review of Fall for You by Scomber
Wow, this is f****** great!
Wed, Apr 30 4:46 PM Darkroom review of GHOST by Brian Stewart
I am going to give you your first thumbs up! Nice overall track. I would like to...
Wed, Apr 30 12:28 PM Darkroom review of Kosto (Assamese rap) by Chandan Boruah
I like this! The vocals could use a slight amount of treatment(effects, eq, volu...
Tue, Apr 29 10:01 AM Darkroom review of Fly Again by Scomber
Great sound.
Tue, Apr 29 9:52 AM Darkroom review of Wake Up Kiss by TheDICE
Everything fits great in this remix! Love the eq on the vox.
Fri, Apr 25 3:58 PM Darkroom review of Understand You (it takes two) by Scomber
Good work. Smooth.
Mon, Apr 21 12:16 PM Darkroom review of Favorite Photograph .... by VickyDan
Nice work
Mon, Apr 14 3:10 PM Darkroom review of Wake Up Kiss by Hans Atom
It's perfect