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Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Thu, Jan 19 11:08 PM Darkroom review of Double Whack by schneiderg
It would be nice if I can give this two thumbs up. Wait a sec..
Thu, Jan 19 11:07 PM Darkroom review of Chances by Mr_Yesterday
Very nice
Thu, Jan 19 11:05 PM Darkroom review of No Heart Freestyle by DjMaestro187
I listened to this twice. Nice groove!
Thu, Jan 19 9:20 AM Darkroom review of Those Days by @nop
One can't help but to feel the melancholic mood as they stare off in the distanc...
Wed, Jan 18 7:23 AM Darkroom review of REFLUX by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Nice classic hip hop vibe. I hope those commercial samples are cleared =p
Sat, Jan 14 10:04 AM Darkroom review of Into The Deep Blue View (Is There Anyone Out There) by Speck
Nice blend of sounds that somehow made me think of an atmospheric NiN.
Sat, Jan 14 9:50 AM Darkroom review of Hypothetically by Dan_Mantau
This is a perfect match between vocals and guitar. Nice work.
Fri, Jan 13 3:15 PM Darkroom review of Detachment by polyplus
Plenty of atmospheric mood here that somehow ties everything together nicely.
Fri, Sep 18 9:38 AM Darkroom review of Overload by reiswerk
Diggin' it. I do with there was move space and dynamics with the instruments tho...
Fri, Sep 18 9:09 AM Darkroom review of Vertschüss Dich! by rocavaco
Wed, May 20 11:11 AM Darkroom review of And Lose Your Mind by Speck
Thu, May 7 8:55 AM Darkroom review of one sound by Kristian Skybound
It's dreamy, it's interesting, and at times it clashes. I like it
Fri, May 1 8:34 AM Darkroom review of Parallel World by Platinum Butterfly
Nicely done
Fri, May 1 8:24 AM Darkroom review of subway by Kristian Skybound
Nice moody twist on the lyrics. Very effective, gave me chills
Thu, Apr 30 9:17 AM Darkroom review of snowflake - Acceptance by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)