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Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Mon, May 8 9:03 PM Darkroom review of A Minor Change Of Mind by Speck
Intriguing and something I would aspire to create.
Mon, May 8 9:01 PM Darkroom review of Rêves et Perspectives / album Promo by BOCrew
Smooth and highly pleasing.
Mon, May 8 9:00 PM Darkroom review of Suspicion by Buy_the_Field
Welcome, digging the strings on this.
Thu, Apr 20 12:37 PM Darkroom review of The Pure Of Heart by Radioontheshelf
Nice, Mr. Bob has many great chanting vocals that don't get used so it is nice t...
Sun, Apr 9 10:21 PM Darkroom review of Plasterboard by Robert Warrington
Nice, you are doing stuff with lyrics I would have passed up, but you are showin...
Sun, Apr 9 10:18 PM Darkroom review of Greet the Day by Apoxode
Very nice soft rock, I can certainly hear lyrics from Kara or somebody on this.
Fri, Apr 7 8:05 PM Darkroom review of Winter Lights (Emergence Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
Excellent blend of sounds, thank you for the inclusion.
Thu, Apr 6 7:05 AM Darkroom review of Ex Directory by Radioontheshelf
Sun, Apr 2 8:50 PM Darkroom review of Schandleut by Stefan Kartenberg
Great middle ages sounds.
Sun, Apr 2 8:47 PM Darkroom review of Redeemed by sparky
Great chord structure and overall sound.
Thu, Mar 30 11:39 PM Darkroom review of Ten Dollar Toy Guitar (Top Hat Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
Nice and original sound you created here.
Tue, Mar 28 8:53 PM Darkroom review of The Obsidian Monster Escape by septahelix
Nice remix, thank you for including my song.
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