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Wed, Oct 13 12:24 PM Darkroom review of For Paddy by Radioontheshelf
I remember learning about Paddy in a World Music class I took at Cal State Chann...
Wed, Oct 13 12:20 PM Darkroom review of Some First Lake Of Stone Blues Music by Speck
I like spacy sounds with a vintage vibe, that is what this reminds me of.
Wed, Oct 13 12:14 PM Darkroom review of Dust From The Stars by salvatoreJ
Great overall sound.
Sat, Oct 9 3:47 PM Darkroom review of the legend by KristianVuljar
Nice remix here.
Sat, Oct 9 8:03 AM Darkroom review of She Moved Through The Fair by Stefan Kartenberg
The drone is great in the beginning to go with the guitar. It's all great.
Fri, Oct 8 11:22 AM Darkroom review of FrankWhite_-_Dope_Dick by MalreDeszik
Interesting and cool.
Wed, Oct 6 9:59 PM Darkroom review of Time Bomb by Stefan Kartenberg
Too good to be true.
Wed, Oct 6 1:09 PM Darkroom review of Aftermath (Fall 2021) by Kristian
Like it better than my 2007 remix of this.
Wed, Oct 6 1:06 PM Darkroom review of Marching towards oblivion by sparky
Moody, love it.
Sun, Oct 3 2:54 PM Darkroom review of I BE the NATURE - Remixxxxxx by flexbarker
Is the song supposed to be less than a minute?
Sun, Oct 3 11:58 AM Darkroom review of She Moved Through The Fair by Radioontheshelf
Love this style. Sounds like an Irish countryside, not that I have ever been.
Sun, Oct 3 11:49 AM Darkroom review of Well So (Anyway Bye) by Speck
What a cool nostalgic feeling this has. Thank you for the inclusion.
Wed, Sep 29 1:18 PM Darkroom review of Recall by echo_orbit
Like the overall track but I wish the vox were sitting a little louder in the mi...
Wed, Sep 29 1:15 PM Darkroom review of Hey, Are You Here? Remix by Zenboy1955
Nice remix. I truly liked it. The vocals are presented in front which gives the ...
Sun, Sep 26 4:35 PM Darkroom review of When Love Leaves The Town by Radioontheshelf