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Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Sat, Sep 3 9:31 PM Darkroom review of Dark & Fluffy Septafuse by texasradiofish
Great sound TRF.
Sat, Aug 20 12:34 PM Darkroom review of Sea Wave Lie by Apoxode
Great use of samples, thank you for the inclusion.
Mon, Aug 15 6:25 PM Darkroom review of They Say It's Impossible by septahelix
This was nice.
Sun, Jun 12 3:06 PM Darkroom review of Dreaming Oceans by SackJo22
Sun, Jun 5 3:50 PM Darkroom review of Numbers by ScOmBer
Sun, Jun 5 11:04 AM Darkroom review of hamburg ft. 7OOP3D by Apoxode
Liking the nostalgic feel and constant background accordion type sound with the ...
Sun, Jun 5 10:59 AM Darkroom review of Pollinators by Kara Square
Sun, Jun 5 10:42 AM Darkroom review of Toi encore (encore) by sparky
This one game me chills for some reason and has a nice mysterious sound.
Sun, Jun 5 10:36 AM Darkroom review of Abiotic by Bluemillenium
Nice transition and is truly an enjoyable piece to listen too.
Sat, Jun 4 10:32 PM Darkroom review of Old Friend by Admiral Bob
You have such a great voice. This song had me swaying. The vocals fit the instru...
Sat, Jun 4 10:29 PM Darkroom review of Miracles (Doped) by 7OOP3D
Well produced and a pleasure to listen to.
Sat, Jun 4 10:23 PM Darkroom review of Pollinators by Snowflake
You absolutely nailed this one, I love this so much. The way the words play off ...