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Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Tue, Oct 20 1:22 PM Darkroom review of Prey by Zapac
This is great. I wish it were a bit longer but I know how difficult orchestratio...
Fri, Oct 16 11:08 PM Darkroom review of Seven Doors to the River by texasradiofish
cool historical mashup
Fri, Oct 16 12:12 AM Darkroom review of sash_liq - 20201013_st2 by sash_liq
Fri, Oct 16 12:07 AM Darkroom review of sub javo bubble by panu
Digs deep into the soul
Thu, Oct 15 11:51 PM Darkroom review of Gloom and Doom by Kara Square
Wow, vox are perfect to a great Admiral Bob backdrop.
Thu, Oct 15 9:13 AM Darkroom review of Howl e'en by Speck
What a cool way to use Kara's vox and a fun track overall.
Sun, Oct 11 9:00 PM Darkroom review of Lenses of Shadows (ft Apophysia) by SackJo22
Powerful and dramatic. Love it.
Sun, Oct 11 12:21 PM Darkroom review of In With The Blue by septahelix
I am going to jump on board with everyone else and say this is an excellent trac...
Fri, Oct 9 4:36 PM Darkroom review of Scared of DJ Death by Whitewolf
Nicely done. I was working on that Admiral Bob vocal for a song and didn't consi...
Fri, Oct 9 9:10 AM Darkroom review of Javo's Lockdown Blooz Jam by texasradiofish
Rockin' groove trf
Thu, Oct 8 11:26 PM Darkroom review of Loaded with Vitriol by x2651
Nice production. I can tell you put care into this. Thank you for sharing.
Sun, Oct 4 11:02 PM Darkroom review of Brown and Gold (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
What amazing textures you brought here. Great song.
Sat, Oct 3 10:40 PM Darkroom review of Blue Window (LoFi Mix) by Robbero
Smooth and relaxing, nice.
Thu, Oct 1 2:28 PM Darkroom review of There is a Sound by Apoxode
Nice track. The center is a bit crowded kind of like when you have headphones ha...
Tue, Sep 29 3:37 PM Darkroom review of Haunted Resonance by maplesnow
Like the horn added to the greatness of airtone. Nice combo.