Reviews left by maajonic

Tue, Apr 6 1:46 AM maajonic review of Flora Glamour (What If Remix ft. Maajonic and Romancito) by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
I absolutly love it! i wish the spanish guitar came also in the intro! thank you...
Thu, Feb 18 1:50 AM maajonic review of Little boat by Fireproof_Babies
thats a pretty cool mix! thank you for chsing my pella !!!
Thu, Jan 14 1:08 PM maajonic review of So Moved (This is Love) by Ivan Chew
This is really great mix awesome! I loved the bluesy part as well as the spoken ...
Wed, Nov 11 12:15 PM maajonic review of him walk deep by DoKashiteru
Another masterpiece love it
Wed, Sep 30 10:57 AM maajonic review of Mr Love remix by error404
Oh my God this is great love the drums thank you alot... my harmonies are not on...
Thu, Sep 10 4:39 AM maajonic review of Once by DoKashiteru
thank you for the upload i really enjoyed writing and singing t this great track
Thu, Jul 30 12:35 PM maajonic review of Sick by DoKashiteru
this was one of the most amazing arrangements I have ever heard you guys blend c...
Tue, Jul 28 5:57 AM maajonic review of How Lucky I am by VickyDan
beautifull work to this wonderful vocals and song :) kind of haunting
Fri, Jul 24 4:08 PM maajonic review of What if ... street mix by Calling Sister Midnight
wow wow wow This is going up to myspace!!!! thank you alot but a slight thing I ...
Fri, Jul 24 6:38 AM maajonic review of I Fell Out of the Sky by DoKashiteru
what a beautifull job with great bridge/ending
Fri, Jul 24 5:19 AM maajonic review of The Annual New England Xylophone Symposium by DoKashiteru
WOW I love that
Thu, Jul 23 4:26 PM maajonic review of Sweetie-Pie-O by Calling Sister Midnight
This is one of the sweetest thing Ive heard in years :)
Thu, Jul 23 6:07 AM maajonic review of Pool Of Love ( Downtempo Lounge Dimension remix ) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
wow very nice
Thu, Jul 23 6:03 AM maajonic review of Listen To Me by The.Spirit.Of.Light
that was the real thing wonderfull
Tue, Jul 14 11:53 AM maajonic review of Guess by DoKashiteru
love love love the whole transformation you guys did this was fantastic thank yo...