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Dominique Cyprès (lunasspecto):

Reviews left for Dominique Cyprès

Sun, Sep 4 7:32 PM Luis Carlos González Morales review of Wake Up (L'Internationale) by Dominique Cyprès
I, as a big fan of The Internationale, congratulate you for the version you've d...
Sat, Sep 3 7:17 AM Apoxode review of Wake Up (L'Internationale) by Dominique Cyprès
Amazing production skills! The depth you've added to this mix is incredible. Be...
Thu, Oct 14 8:27 PM Apoxode review of Not That I'm Afraid by Dominique Cyprès
Tragic subject, outstanding samples! Lots of rich textures to work with, many t...
Thu, Oct 14 5:47 AM Speck review of Pound the Walls by Dominique Cyprès
Excellent mix. Strong sound, deep content.
Sat, Mar 14 7:14 AM eaterjolly review of Sunleviĝo de tiu tago by Dominique Cyprès
Se vi keus pli Esperantuja muzikoj kiel libera kaj fontapera, tiam mi kunhavigos...
Sun, Mar 8 3:16 AM coruscate review of Lullaby for Day by Dominique Cyprès
A simple tune, I'm surprised it's unused. It has range, depth and put through a ...
Thu, Dec 11 6:21 PM Revlin review of Lethe Has Flowed On by Dominique Cyprès
Beautifully written and beautifully sung.
Mon, Aug 4 11:23 PM Klaus_N review of Surhavi la Juvelojn Heredaĵan by Dominique Cyprès
Nice work - cool steel string sounds !
Mon, Jun 16 2:23 PM kulimu review of Aflame by Dominique Cyprès
Sorry for destroying this nice sample in my mix! But it was fun :)
Mon, Jun 16 2:21 PM kulimu review of Set My Soul Aflame by Dominique Cyprès
Some very trippy parts in here! I love the "randomness/harmony" interaction, if ...
Thu, May 15 11:53 AM Revlin review of Faith Is Love by Dominique Cyprès
This is cool man. I played it for a friend and he doesn't believe your Japanese ...
Thu, May 8 7:48 PM Revlin review of Set My Soul Aflame by Dominique Cyprès
Yeah, cool colors. Sometimes there are discernible harmonies formed between the ...